How common are defective medical devices?

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When Californians think about a product malfunctioning, they likely think of a household item not working or a vehicle failing. However, the realm of defective products expands much farther than that. Consumers are not just those that go to the store or purchase items online. They are also patients who require medical devices to aid them. And, just like any consumer trusting the product that they are using, they can unexpectedly experience harm and injury due to a defective medical device.

How common are defective medical devices? The Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, has made plans to ensure there are up-to-date safety and effectiveness features when it comes to medical devices. These plans came after a publication that brought light to medical device safety and the occurrence of defects in this market.

Based on these investigations, over 1.7 million injuries and roughly 83,000 deaths are allegedly linked to medical devices that have been reported to the FDA in the past decade. By modernizing the review process, the goal is to ensure safety and effectiveness and to pinpoint issues and defects before they can cause serious or even fatal harm to consumers.

The harm and damage caused by a defective medical device can be extensive and serious. Thus, it is imperative that consumers harmed by such a defect understand their rights and options. A product liability action could help one prove cause and liability. It not only seeks to hold a liable party accountable, but also help the injured consumer recover compensation for losses suffered.

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