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Easton & Easton recently acquired $20,000,000 in a highly disputed matter for a client severely injured on the Defendants’ premises by a third party.

The Defendants initially contended that they were not liable for any of our client’s damages and would not pay a penny for settlement, vowing to spend millions to defend the case. Nonetheless, our team of attorneys and investigators spent more than 3 years investigating and litigating the matter, defeating multiple motions to dismiss the case until we proved that the premises of the Defendants were negligently designed.
After spending millions trying to defend the case, filing countless motions to dismiss the matter, and taking more than 20 depositions, the Defendants recognized shortly before trial that we were likely to prevail, such that they requested a mediation. In addition to convincing the Defendants to pay our client the unprecedented $20 million settlement, we also insisted that the Defendants make substantial remedial modifications to their property as part of the settlement to ensure that an incident like this could never happen again.
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In 2016, Easton & Easton acquired $3,060,000 for a client who had suffered a traumatic motorcycle accident when a shuttle bus illegally changed lanes across the double yellow lines into the carpool lane of the 405 freeway.

Our client was lane splitting on the edge of the carpool lane at the time, which is why the shuttle bus did not see him. While the bus company initially disputed liability due to our client’s lane splitting, we were ultimately able to show that the bus driver’s illegal action was the true cause of the collision and they accepted full liability.

As a result of this accident, our client slammed into the side of the bus and then crashed onto the roadway, suffering a fractured pelvis, torn ACL, internal degloving wounds, and various shearing wounds. He underwent three surgeries and more than a year of physical therapy, and incurred $300,000 in medical bills. After demonstrating the significant effect that this accident had on our client’s life, the shuttle bus company sought an early mediation and paid $3,060,000 without our client having to undergo a deposition or trial.

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Easton & Easton recently settled a wrongful death case for $2.75 million where the decedent was 55 years old with no wife or children, just two surviving parents in their 80’s.

The defendants’ insurance carrier initially expected to pay no more than $250,000 to settle the case of these 80-year-old parents because they had experienced no economic losses as a result of their son’s death and because of their advanced age. But because we demonstrated the unique bond these parents shared with their son by persuasively telling their family story, we were able to significantly increase the value of their case.

After seeing how we would present this elderly couple’s case before a jury, the insurance company knew that taking the matter to trial could result in a substantially higher verdict based on our advocacy. Consequently, the insurance carrier sought an early mediation in the matter and we were able to settle the case for an amount far in excess of our clients’ wildest dreams without them having to go through the pain and ordeal of a lengthy trial.

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Easton & recently obtained $2,447,000 for a client whose knee was dislocated when 20 sheets of stacked drywall fell on him while he was working on a construction site.

Our client initially hired another attorney who had difficulty handling the complex matter and allowed a key defendant (the General Contractor) to be dismissed, thereby putting the case at risk of Summary Judgment, such that the remaining defendants aggressively contested liability and vowed to make no settlement offers. Consequently, the prior attorney referred to matter to our firm in hopes that we could fix the problems he had created. After taking over the matter, we defeated the remaining defendants’ Motion to Dismiss and conducted numerous depositions and targeted discovery that clearly established their liability and established that one of the defendants had fabricated safety inspection records in an effort to evade liability. Consequently, the defendants requested a mediation shortly before trial where we negotiated the $2,447,000 settlement.
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Recently, Easton & Easton represented a foster child who had been born prematurely due to drug abuse by her birth mother.

The child was taken from her birth mother immediately after birth and placed into foster care, where the negligence of her caregivers allowed her to develop RSV Encephalitis that was insufficiently treated thereafter by her medical providers (both her pediatrician and the ER doctors). The adoptive parents of the child were so troubled by the care that had been provided to this child, that they sought consultation with our firm shortly after the adoption was finalized (more than two years after these events took place). Despite our delayed entrance into the matter, we obtained $2,150,000 collectively from the child’s medical providers and the foster parent compensation fund after almost two years of hard fought litigation.
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Easton & Easton recently acquired $2,000,000 for a client who fell from a 2 story scaffolding while assisting the HOA President in trying to remove eaves on the second story of a townhome façade.

The HOA President had negligently erected the scaffolding, but the Defendants contended that our client had negligently brought a ladder to the top of the scaffold and was working on the ladder when he fell. The Defendants also argued that our client had actually climbed onto the roof of the building and become dizzy before he fell, such that they believed he was 100% liable for his own injuries, regardless of whether he fell from the roof or the ladder he negligently brought on top of the scaffold.

In the litigation process, we discovered that the HOA had no workers compensation insurance and that the HOA President did not have a contractor’s license for this kind of work. Because work on a scaffold requires a contractor’s license, we used regulations under the Labor Code to show that our client was technically an “employee” of the HOA at the time of his injury, such that this was actually an employment-related injury. However, because the HOA had no workers compensation insurance to pay for employee injuries, this employment-related injury was therefore presumed to result from employer negligence under the Labor Code. Additionally, we showed that these laws prevented the employer from claiming any comparative negligence, assumption of the risk, or co-employee negligence defenses that they would have used to shift the blame to our client, thereby essentially making the HOA strictly liable for our client’s injuries, which included multiple skull fractures and a traumatic brain injury. Through this intricate strategy of legal of reasoning, we convinced the HOA’s insurance carrier of their liability in this matter, even if our client had been on the roof or a ladder on the scaffolding when he fell, such that they paid their full $2,000,000 policy limits.

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Easton & Easton recently acquired $1,875,000 for a minor client who suffered a cervical dislocation requiring a single-level Cervical Fusion Surgery.

Our client was a high school sophomore at the time of the accident when he was riding in the vehicle of another minor, who had been drinking alcohol at a party and attempted to “drift” his vehicle on a dirt shoulder when he lost control and crashed into a tree. After 9-12 months of rehab post-surgery, our client made a remarkable recovery and was able to resume playing high school football (despite the Cervical Fusion) and was selected as Team Captain, MVP, and All-League during his Senior Year.

Despite this remarkable recovery, we were still able to convince the defense that this accident had dashed the dreams of our client playing professional football and that our client’s young age exposed him to the possibility of significant future medical treatment related to the Fusion, resulting in a mediated settlement of $1,875,000 pre-litigation.

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In 2016, Easton & Easton helped acquire a $1,850,000 verdict for a client who was involved in an automobile accident caused by a State of California Parole Officer.

Our client had been parked on the side of the road sitting in the passenger seat in his truck when the State employee became distracted and rear-ended his stopped truck. The State of California contended that the forces of the accident were insufficient to have caused any of our client’s claimed injuries, which included a cervical fusion, wrist surgery, and hernia repair. Throughout the litigation, the State only offered our client $200,000. After a two-week trial, the jury returned a verdict of $1,850,000 against the State of California in favor of our client.
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In 2017, Easton & Easton acquired $1,800,000 for a client who suffered a motorcycle accident causing a comminuted right wrist fracture requiring ORIF Surgical Repair, as well as left shoulder and left ankle fractures that were treated non-surgically.

Our client spent two weeks in the hospital and suffered limited mobility for two months. After undergoing a second wrist surgery to remove the ORIF plates and screws, he had incurred $168,000 in past medical specials and alleged more than $300,000 in lost earnings.

Despite claiming the possibility for future surgery if his condition deteriorated, our client experienced few lingering complaints or limitations and had made a full recovery. After demonstrating the significant effect that this accident had on our client’s life and his liquor store business during the two months he was immobilized, we were able to negotiate a $1,800,000 pre-litigation settlement without our client having to undergo a deposition or trial.

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In late-2014, we acquired $1,300,000 for a client who was rear-ended in Costa Mesa by a drunk driver being chased by the police at a high rate of speed in a residential community.

The force of the impact sent our client’s car more than 500 feet down the roadway, up the curb, and into a tree. As a result of the collision, our client suffered a subdural hematoma and thyroid cartilage fracture causing her to be intubated and hospitalized in the ICU for 10 days. She then spent another 12 days in the hospital and at a rehab facility. She required a G-tube for more than 6 months after her discharge from the hospital as she continued to struggle with swallowing liquids due to her injuries from this accident. Ultimately, the medical specials related to this incident amounted to approximately $248,000. While these injuries were serious, none were of a permanent and lasting nature, and our client returned to work full-time within 4 months after the accident.

During our pre-litigation investigation, we were able to ascertain facts regarding a prior history of evading the police by this drunk driver in order to establish a powerful claim for punitive damages. Using the despicable conduct of the drunk driver and corresponding threat of punitive damages, we were able to acquire the drunk driver’s full $1,300,000 policy limits less than a year after the accident to the great joy and surprise of our client without the hassle of a lawsuit or further delay.

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Easton & Easton recently acquired $1,250,000 against a County Hospital in a medical malpractice case where we claimed the County Hospital failed to timely diagnose our client’s ischemic embolic stroke.

Through extensive documentation and expert testimony, we showed that the failure to timely diagnose the stroke and administer TPA made our client’s stroke conditions substantially worse than they should have been, resulting in the significant $1,250,000 medical malpractice settlement.
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In 2015, Easton & Easton acquired $1,250,000 for a client who had been t-boned and suffered a 2 centimeter (20mm) disc herniation at C5-6, requiring a Cervical Fusion.

After the first 3 months of positive recovery post-Fusion, our client began smoking again (as she had strictly been told not to do by her physician) and soon thereafter began to experience pain and radicular complaints. She was diagnosed with Pseudoarthrosis and loosening of the prior Fusion hardware and was advised to undergo a revision of the Cervical Fusion.

At the time of attending a mediation shortly before trial, our client had incurred $48,965.03 in medical bills related to the accident, but still had not undergone the repeat Fusion Surgery. Not surprisingly, the Defendants argued that our client was responsible for the need for the revision surgery because she had resumed smoking, which potentially caused the Fusion to fail. Nonetheless, we were able to convince them that a jury would disagree and we negotiated a mediated settlement of $1,250,000 for our client.

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Recently in 2014, Easton & Easton secured $1,240,000 for a client whose breast implant incision ruptured after she was T-boned in an intersection.

Our client was a breast cancer survivor who was three months post-op to her breast reconstruction when she was T-boned and her healed incision was ruptured. After the rupture was surgically repaired the day after the collision, this client experienced a breast infection that appeared to resolve a few days later. She then experienced recurrent infections several months later after a trip to Mexico following her nipple procedure. These recurrent infections ultimately lead to various complications and the removal of her breast implant for over a year.

The Defendants’ physicians contented that all of our client’s more serious complications stemmed from the subsequent infections after her Mexico trip, and therefore were unrelated to the car accident. However, we were able to show that a jury was more likely to conclude that our client had developed a biofilm infection after the rupture caused by this incident and that this biofilm ultimately lead to the subsequent infections, such that the Defendants were liable for all of our client’s complications. This convinced them to compensate her for the full extent of her injuries and the case settled one month before trial for $1,240,000.

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Easton & Easton recently acquired the 7-figure policy limits for a client who was involved in a severe rear-end automobile collision that caused her significant neck pain.

She was recommended to undergo a Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery shortly before learning that she was pregnant after having been trying for several years with her husband. As such, she chose to endure continuing neck pain throughout her pregnancy with minimal treatment options available to alleviate the pain.

Once her newborn son was 7 months old, she underwent the Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery. As she recovered from the surgery, she required significant help from her husband and family members to care for her son. Using our client’s compelling story of pain throughout her pregnancy and the ordeal of undergoing a surgery shortly after giving birth, we were able to convince the Defense to pay our client the full $1,000,000 policy limits.

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In 2019, Easton & Easton represented a man who was involved in a horrific accident while working for a rideshare transportation service.

Our client was on his way to pick up a passenger when the Defendant caused a major collision with his vehicle after running the red light. The severe accident caused our client to suffer life threatening injuries and required several life-saving emergency surgeries. Ultimately, given the grave extent of his injuries and necessary treatment, our client incurred more than $200,000 in medical bills.

Prior to our office’s involvement, our client was represented by another law firm that was only going to settle his case for the third party’s $15,000 auto insurance policy limits because the rideshare company claimed there was no further coverage for the accident. Once our office became involved, we were able to prove that our client was on his way to pick up a passenger at the time of the collision (even though the rideshare company initially disputed this), which then triggered the underinsured motorist coverage of the rideshare service. As such, we turned a $15,000 settlement into a $1,000,000 settlement for this client.

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Recently, our firm acquired $1,000,000 for a client who suffered neck injuries from a rear-end auto accident.

After conservative care and epidurals, she sought the consultation of an Orthopedic Specialist and underwent a Cervical Disk Replacement Surgery. After all her treatment, she had incurred approximately $85,000 in medical bills. After filing the lawsuit for our client, and engaging in depositions and discovery, her orthopedic doctor told her that she might need a subsequent Cervical Fusion surgery, which she elected not to undergo.

The matter eventually proceeded to a mediation, where we were able to convince the insurance carrier that our client would have significant future medical needs, and that she had suffered significant pain and suffering as a result of the Defendant’s negligence. Consequently, the Defendant’s insurance carrier ultimately offered $1,000,000 to our client to settle the case.

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In 2019, Easton & Easton represented a man who was rear-ended while engaged in transporting a passenger for a rideshare service.

Due to the severe lower back pain he was experiencing, our client underwent a Lumbar Fusion Surgery. Unfortunately, in the months following that procedure, a new disc protrusion developed, forcing him to undergo an emergency follow-up Lumbar Surgery.

Based upon his severe injuries and our extensive life care plan detailing our client’s expected future medical needs due to his injuries and these surgeries, we were able to convince the insurance carriers involved to pay their full $1,000,000 policy limits pre-litigation.

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The video to the right explains how The Easton Law Firm helped this client obtain a $1,000,000 settlement even though the CHP Report from the accident scene found him at fault for causing the head-on collision, which resulted in the death of the other driver.

Before this client came to us, his own auto insurance had paid $300,000 to the widow of the other driver, believing that our client was at fault for the accident. When this client came to us more than a year after the accident, he had no memory of the collision and no way to dispute his own fault in the matter. We agreed to take on his case and were able to turn things around by recreating the conditions of the accident with an Accident Reconstruction Expert. In doing so, we proved that the deceased driver had, in fact, been at fault for the collision and recovered $1,000,000 in settlement for our client.
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In 2019, Easton & Easton represented a man who was rear-ended while he was driving in his work truck on business for his employer.

Our client initially treated for his significant low back pain through the worker’s compensation system, but he was not happy with the level of care he was receiving. We helped our client find a higher level of medical care, where the severity of his injury was properly diagnosed and he ultimately underwent three Lumbar Epidural Injections and a Lumbar Fusion Surgery.

Through the presentation of our case, we acquired the $250,000 policy limits of the at-fault party, as well as an additional $740,000 from the employer’s Underinsured Motorist Coverage on the vehicle our client was driving, for a total settlement of $990,000.

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Recently, Easton & Easton represented a woman who was injured when an 18-wheeler semi-truck made an unsafe lane change, striking the driver’s side door of her vehicle while she was traveling on the freeway.

This unsafe lane change caused our client to suffer continuous and persistent neck pain that radiated into her arms. An MRI revealed a 2 mm disc protrusion in her neck and an Orthopedic Surgeon recommended and performed a Cervical Disc Replacement. A year after the surgery was completed, our client continued to suffer from neck pain, at which point she underwent a Cervical Fusion.

At the onset, Defendants refused to offer our client any money, maintaining that the side-swipe accident could not have caused our client to require the Cervical surgeries she underwent. However, after considerable litigation, the Defendant requested a Mediation, where we negotiated the $900,000 settlement for our client.

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Recently, Easton & Easton acquired a global settlement of $850,000 for a family of 4 who were involved in a high-speed traffic collision on the freeway that caused their Mercedes SUV to roll on its side.

After participating in conservative and pain management treatment, the mother was recommended to undergo a Lumbar Fusion Surgery. Because she was in the process of beginning the IVF process in order to try to have their last child before it was no longer a possibility, she chose to put her future child’s needs above her own and to continue living with the constant lower back pain throughout her pregnancy.

Despite not yet having undergone the surgery, we were able to convince the insurance carrier that she did plan to undergo the Lumbar Surgery after she gave birth to her third child. Consequently, the carrier agreed to pay her $475,000 in consideration of her expected future medical treatment, yielding a global settlement of $850,000 for all four family members.

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In 2018, Easton & Easton acquired $850,000 for a client who suffered severe second degree burns to his entire left leg when a spare MXJO Battery for his Vape spontaneously exploded in his pocket.

Our client was subject to weeks of intense and painful treatment at a burn unit, and ultimately was required to undergo skin grafting surgery to repair his scorched skin. He had incurred approximately $55,000 in past medical specials and alleged he would require further treatment to reduce the appearance of his significant scarring.

After filing the lawsuit and alleging punitive damages (i.e., damages to punish the Defendant’s actions), we were able to defeat the Defendant vape store owner’s motion to remove punitive damages from our client’s claim. After demonstrating the significant effect that this accident had on our client’s life and convincing the Defendant that its inadequate battery warnings and the severity of our client’s injuries would result in a significant punitive damage award, we were able to negotiate a $850,000 settlement to our client prior to the case going to trial.

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In 2016, Easton & Easton represented the mother and estranged father of a homeless 45-year-old man who was killed by an automobile that lost control and struck him while he was drinking alcohol behind some bushes off the side of the road.

The insurance company tried to minimize the amount owed to the parents due to the decedent’s homelessness, addiction issues, and estrangement. The matter was further complicated because other parties were seriously injured in the same accident and the defendant had limited policy limits.

Ultimately, the case required a binding mediation and the mediator returned a finding for our clients in the amount of $748,500, which amounted to more than 70% of the total policy limits. Due to the persuasive manner in which we presented the relationship of the decedent and his mother in particular (even though the decedent lived on the street), we were able to convince the mediator to award our clients the bulk of the settlement funds, despite the serious injuries of some of the other parties to the accident.

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Recently, Easton & Easton represented 3 minor children who were badly injured when they were struck by a produce truck that came into their lane near Fresno, California.

One of the children had just taken her seatbelt off when the accident happened and was ejected from her mother’s vehicle. Miraculously, the most severe injuries for any of the children in this significant collision were fractured legs for two of the minor children. Each of the children incurred less than $30,000 in medical specials. Despite the minimal medical specials and full recoveries with no permanent injuries, we were able to obtain a joint settlement for these children in the amount of $742,500.
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Easton & Easton previously represented an individual riding a Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle at a very high rate of speed on a local city street when he collided with the defendant’s left turning vehicle from the opposite direction.

The police determined that our client was traveling too fast for the street conditions and found him partially at fault along with the other driver. As a result of this accident, our client sustained a fractured wrist requiring an ORIF Surgery to repair the distal radius. Subsequently, he recovered well with only minor restrictions of the wrist. Despite the comparative fault of our client and good recovery, we were able to obtain $600,000 for him in settlement.
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Easton & Easton recently represented an individual who had been represented by two prior attorneys who had each dropped the case because they did not feel that it was winnable.

At the time this client retained our firm, the case was already in litigation and the deposition of the manager of the liquor store was set for the next day at a prison in Bakersfield. Our client contended that the floor in the liquor store was wet with paint, but this initially seemed unlikely given the fact the liquor store was open and multiple customers were walking in and out of it at the time of the incident.

We chose to believe the sincere claims of our client and appeared at the deposition in Bakersfield the next day. During this deposition, the manager of the liquor store ultimately admitted that the floor had been recently painted just before this incident and no warnings were placed in the area regarding the wet paint. After further litigation, the insurance company for the liquor store admitted liability and promptly settled the case for $550,000.

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In 2018, Easton & Easton obtained a $530,000 settlement for a woman who fractured 2 vertebrae in a roll over collision.

Our client was a passenger in a vehicle being driven by her boyfriend at the time while they were both intoxicated. Our client told the police officer at the hospital while she was still intoxicated that her boyfriend had intentionally tried to crash their vehicle.

Based upon her initial statement, her ex-boyfriend was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, which complicated our case against him regarding our negligence claim given that insurance proceeds cannot be paid out for intentional torts. His insurance carrier initially contended that it could not be responsible for our client’s injuries in this matter, but we were ultimately able to convince the insurance carrier that our client’s initial statement was incorrect and made while she was still inebriated. Once they accepted responsibility, we then negotiated the substantial $530,000 settlement pre-litigation for our client’s injuries and her pain and suffering throughout this ordeal.

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Easton & Easton previously represented a 36-year-old ironworker who was working to help construct LA Live in Los Angeles.

During the course of his work, he tripped on an overlapping 8′ x 8′ metal trench plate. The defense contended that this overlapping plate was open and obvious and that there was no prior notice of a dangerous condition before this incident, but we were able to show that this dangerous overlapping condition had been present for more 3 weeks before our fall using satellite and surveillance imagery of the construction progress obtained during litigation.

As a result of the fall, our client sustained soft tissue injuries and aggravated a prior disc herniation at L5-S1. He ultimately underwent a Lumbar Fusion at L5-S1 due to the aggravation to this prior injury. The defense argued that the surgery was going to be necessary without our incident and all medical bills for the treatment and surgery were paid by work comp through our client’s employer. Nonetheless, we were able to acquire $526,400 in settlement with the defendant and compelled work comp to continue to keep his medical treatment claim open after the third-party settlement for any necessary future treatment to these injuries.

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In 2019, Easton & Easton represented a 26-year-old girl who was rear-ended at a high rate of speed.

She had already suffered from pre-existing neck and lower back complaints in the years prior to the subject accident, which were significantly exacerbated by the subject accident. After undergoing pain management injections, she was recommended for a Lumbar Fusion Surgery.

Given her relatively young age, she did not feel that she was ready to undergo such a significant surgery at such a young age despite her unrelenting pain. Nonetheless, we were able to convince the insurance carrier that despite the preexisting conditions, the defendant was responsible for compensating our client for her future lower back medical needs, such that they tendered their full $500,000 policy limits.

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In 2018, Easton & Easton represented a woman who suffered a right femoral fracture and a tear in her right knee when she tripped and fell on an upraised piece of flooring at the grocery store.

Throughout litigation, the Defense disputed liability and the nature of her injuries. However, after extensive depositions and discovery, we were able to show that employees of the grocery store knew about the upraised flooring before our client fell and therefore should have repaired the condition. Consequently, the Defense requested a mediation, where we negotiated the $500,000 settlement for our client.
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Easton & Easton recently acquired $500,000 for a client rear-ended when the Defendant’s rear axel broke, causing him to lose control of his vehicle and crash into our client.

Our client suffered severe neck injuries, which ultimately required a Cervical Fusion at C4-5. The Defendant attempted to evade responsibility for the accident by characterizing the broken axel as an “act of god” that was out of his control and his insurance carrier initially denied liability. Nonetheless, shortly after filing the lawsuit, we were able to convince the insurance carrier that this was an issue they would ultimately lose at trial and that the Defendant had failed to properly maintain his vehicle, such that they chose to tender their $500,000 policy limits to our client.
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Easton & Easton LLP previously represented a 75-year-old woman who entered an elevator that did not line up level with the main floor at the time the doors opened, causing her to fall and injure her shoulder and knee.

She underwent a Left Knee Arthroscopy and was advised to undergo a future left shoulder surgery. Through extensive litigation, we were able to establish that there had been an ongoing problem with this elevator for more than 5 years, but the building had failed to call Edison to correct a problem with the third prong switch, which is why the elevator was not properly leveling. With this evidence, we convinced the building’s insurance carrier to pay our client $500,000 despite only $40,000 in past medical bills.
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Recently, Easton & Easton obtained the $500,000 policy limits for an 82-year-old pedestrian who was struck by a vehicle while crossing the street.

Initially, the Police Report was against our client because the police officer thought our client had jaywalked at the time of the accident. However, Easton & Easton acquired nearby surveillance video showing that our client had actually crossed the street in an unmarked crosswalk, which was permitted under the law. Using this information, we persuaded the police officer to change his opinions and were able to convince the Defendant’s insurance company to accept liability.

Our client sustained a depressed fracture of his right medial tibial plateau in his leg and a left trimalleolar ankle fracture. Despite only incurring $29,875 in medical bills, we were able to convince the Defendant’s insurance carrier to pay their $500,000 policy limits to our client.

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Easton & Easton recently represented an elderly woman who fell off the second step in a 4-step landing in front of her son’s condominium.

With the assistance of our Safety Experts, we established that this 4-step landing violated the Building Code requirements due to its lack of a handrail and we sued the condominium association responsible for initially creating the landing without the handrails. Our client sustained a C5-6 pinched facet joint injury requiring surgical repair. Fortunately, our client experienced a remarkably great recovery post-surgery and only incurred $64,000 in medical bills. We were still able to obtain her a settlement of $464,030 prior to trial.
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In 2019, Easton & Easton acquired $450,000 for a client who slipped and fell on a piece of ice at a restaurant, injuring her left foot and lower back.

After conservative care failed to resolve our client’s injuries, she stopped treating for her injuries for more than a year before finally proceeding with a Lumbar Fusion Surgery.

Throughout the litigation of this matter in Federal Court, the Defense disputed liability and the nature of our client’s injuries, especially the large 1-year gap in her medical treatment. However, after conducting several depositions and significant discovery, we located a former employee of the restaurant who had been working at the time of the incident and who provided us with a key witness statement that helped us refute the Defendants’ liability defense. Consequently, the restaurant requested a mediation, where we ultimately negotiated the significant $450,000 settlement. Due to the notoriety of the restaurant chain and the substantial size of the settlement, the Defendant required that its identity remain confidential.

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In 2016, Easton & Easton represented an individual who crashed on the 210 freeway as he was coming out of a tunnel and struck a bag of onions that had fallen from a transport truck.

When the police investigated the accident, they determined that our client was at fault for driving too fast for the conditions, violating California Vehicle Code section 22350. Nonetheless, we were able to show that the truck had not properly loaded the onions prior to hauling them, causing the insurance company to accept liability for the accident despite the contrary police report.

As a result of this accident, our client sustained a small disc bulge and underwent a cervical spine fusion due to degeneration in his spine. The medical experts hired by the insurance company concluded that none of the orthopedic injuries or cervical fusion were caused by the subject accident. Despite all these challenges, we were able to overcome these defenses and obtain a $450,000 settlement for this client.

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In 2016, Easton & Easton represented a woman who was bit on the lip by her neighbor’s dog.

After undergoing plastic surgery, a faint 1-inch scar remained across her lip and chin. She also suffered an injury to her teeth and Temporomandibular joint. After taking multiple depositions during the course of the litigation, we established that this was the fourth dog bite by this particular dog and we alleged punitive damages against the Defendant. Despite only incurring $23,000 in medical bills, we acquired $450,000 in settlement at a final settlement conference one month before trial.
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Easton & Easton represented a gentleman who was driving to work eastbound on Ortega Hwy when a semi-truck coming the opposite direction lost control and its trailer slid into the oncoming traffic lane crushing our client’s vehicle against the cliff wall.

Deposition testimony revealed that the truck driver had used his Jake Brake (air brake) during this turn, which is prohibited on wet roads like those of the date of the incident. Once this fact was elicited at deposition, the insurance carrier had no defense in the case. Our client sustained a small laceration to his face and a fractured elbow requiring ORIF Surgery to repair. Ultimately, we were able to obtain $440,000 for our client.
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In 2012, Easton & Easton represented a woman who was rear-ended by a church bus while she was on the 5 Freeway near Los Angeles.

There was no dispute about who caused the accident, but the church disputed whether the driver of the bus was in the course and scope of her duties for the church at the time of the collision. This was a significant issue, as there was not enough insurance on the bus that caused the accident to adequately compensate our client for her injuries. However, if we could prove that the driver was within the course and scope of her duties for the church at the time of the collision, then the additional insurance coverage of the church would be exposed.

After significant litigation, we were able to establish course and scope so that the church’s insurance carrier sought settlement in the matter. Our client had sustained a severe neck injury requiring cervical fusion, which resolved her injury so that she could return to her regular activities without limitation. Despite her full recovery, we were able to obtain her $427,000.

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Easton & Easton previously represented a gentleman who ran out of gas in his Jeep Cherokee on the 55 Freeway.

While stopped on the freeway, a Good Samaritan pulled in front of our client to attempt to tow his vehicle off of the freeway. While our client was between the two vehicles attempting to attach a tow rope, his vehicle was rear-ended and our client’s arm was pinched between the two vehicles. Our client sustained a large laceration around the shoulder area and was knocked unconscious. Fortunately, the laceration was sutured closed without any permanent damage. Even though our client was partially at fault for running out of gas on the freeway, we were able to obtain $402,000 in settlement for his injuries.
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Easton & Easton recently acquired $400,000 for a client who slipped and fell on a grape in a grocery store, suffering injuries to her knee and low back requiring a Knee Arthroplasty and Lumbar Fusion.

Prior to our entrance into the case, our client was represented by another law firm for almost two years of litigation and the Defendant’s top offer was only $200,000. Our client’s prior attorney tried to pressure her into accepting the Defendant’s $200,000 offer because he believed she would lose the case completely at trial, which prompted her to hire our firm just before trial was set to begin.

After entering the case, we were able to briefly postpone the approaching trial so that we could conduct further depositions and several surprise inspections of the grocery store, which we used to show that the store had a habit of allowing fallen produce to remain on the floor of the store for extended periods of time. After showing the additional evidence we had gathered in preparation for trial, the Defendant sought further settlement negotiations on the day before trial and the case settled for $400,000.

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In 2016, Easton & Easton acquired $400,000 for a client who was rear-ended and suffered low back injuries.

After conservative care and several epidurals failed to resolve the condition, he was recommended to undergo a Lumbar Fusion Surgery, which he elected to not undergo for the time being. Because he had chosen not to undergo the surgery, the Defendant’s insurance carrier initially only offered $150,000. However, the matter eventually proceeded to a mediation, where we were able to convince the insurance carrier that a jury would likely award our client future damages related to the possible future Lumbar Fusion. Consequently, the case settled at mediation for $400,000 even though our client never underwent the surgery.
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In 2012, The Easton Law Firm helped a client who suffered a dreadful slip and fall while shopping at Westminster Mall at Christmas time.

Our client contended that she slipped on vanilla ice cream that had been on the floor so long that it congealed, but she had taken no pictures of the substance that caused her fall and therefore had no evidence of what caused her to fall. As a result of the fall, our client suffered significant injuries, including torn Achilles tendons and a fractured Coccyx (tailbone).

At an initial mediation, the insurance carrier for the mall offered a paltry settlement of a few thousand dollars based on the lack of evidence for our client’s alleged fall. After further litigation, depositions, and discovery, we were able to show that the mall was not conducting reasonable inspections of the premises at the time this fall occurred. The mall’s insurance carrier sought a second Mediation in the matter a month before trial where the case settled for $400,000.

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While Easton & Easton has handled numerous dog bite cases over the years (where the dog owner is held strictly liable for the injuries resulting from the dog), it is less common to see significant results for injuries caused by a dog where no bite has occurred.

However, in 2015, we acquired $325,000 (more than 6 times the medical bills) for a client who was knocked down by a neighbor’s Dalmatian/Pitbull mix who was trying to attack the client’s small Bichon/Poodle mix. When our client was knocked to the ground, she injured her hip and ultimately required two arthroscopic hip surgeries to repair the condition.

Because there had been no bite in the incident, the dog’s owner (the defendant) was not strictly liable. Matters were further compounded because: (1) no one knew how the defendant’s dog had escaped the yard at the time of the incident, (2) the defendant was out of the country traveling in Europe at the time of the incident, and (3) the live-in dog-sitter that the defendant had hired to watch her dog was not present at the home at the time the dog somehow got out of the yard. As the burden of proving the defendant’s negligence fell on us, this was initially a very daunting task under the circumstances. But after more than a year of litigation and depositions, we were able to acquire evidence and testimony showing that the defendant’s gate was likely faulty and she had not properly instructed the dog-sitter on how to safely confine her dog in the yard, thereby leading to a significant mediated settlement of $325,000.

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Recently, Easton & Easton acquired $315,000 for a client just weeks before trial after the Defendant’s insurance carrier failed to pay the Defendant’s $50,000 policy limits earlier in the case.

Prior to filing the lawsuit, we submitted a pre-litigation demand package thoroughly documenting our client’s injuries and her need for a Cervical Fusion Surgery. We demanded the Defendant’s $50,000 policy limits, but the pre-litigation insurance adjuster failed to tender the policy limits at that time or in response to a “final warning” letter we sent weeks later.

After filing the lawsuit, the our client underwent the recommended Cervical Fusion through her health insurance and the Defendant’s insurance carrier tried to tender the $50,000 policy limits at that point, but we argued it was too late and they had already opened their insurance policy (acting in bad faith to the Defendant) when they failed to tender their policy limits earlier. After several months of litigation, we were able to show that our thorough demand package at the outset had opened their policy limits, and the case settled a few weeks before trial for $315,000 ($265,000 above insurance carrier’s actual policy limits).

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Easton & Easton represented a 46-year-old man who was involved in a T-Bone collision causing a brachial plexus injury to the nerve running through his clavicle.

His physicians performed a surgical operation on the brachial plexus and sclaneniusmedius muscle to repair the condition. Ultimately, he incurred $88,000 in medical bills related to the accident and we were able to acquire $305,000 in settlement.
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This past year, Easton & Easton settled the case of a young 27-year-old woman who was struck across the back of her neck with a wood stick inside a Halloween maze event.

The actor wielding the stick was trying to strike the bars of a jail-façade to scare our client, but missed the bars and broke the stick across our client’s neck. Unfortunately, our client and her friends did not get the name of the actor/employee who struck her and no incident report was made. Because multiple companies were involved with running the event, it later became impossible to determine precisely who was responsible for the employee that caused this incident.

Our client underwent two years of physical therapy, two Cervical Medial Branch Nerve Blocks, and an RFTC Ablation to resolve her injuries. As the Defendants took several depositions of our client’s friends who were present at the time of the incident regarding the issue of liability, we used these depositions to establish the pain and suffering of our client and the impact this incident had taken on her social life. A Mediation was completed shortly before trial and the case settled for $250,000.

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When our client turned to walk down the stairs of the porch in front of the home he had been renting for a few months on a July 2011 evening, he missed the top step and fell to the bottom of the 4 risers, fracturing his left ankle in the process.

He later required an ORIF Surgery, whereby screws and plates were placed in his ankle to repair and set the fracture. Despite these significant injuries, our client was initially reluctant to pursue a claim because he believed he was probably at fault for missing the step when he turned around.

After contacting our office, we investigated with our Safety Expert and determined that the 4-step riser in front of the home was negligently built in two ways: (1) the top landing where our client had been standing and tried to turn around lacked sufficient depth to comply with the California Building Code and (2) there was no handrail for these front steps, which was required under the Building Code. After months of litigation and taking the depositions of the builder and architect, we resolved this matter for $240,000 on behalf of our client. This favorable settlement was reached after we showed the lack of compliance with the Building Code and discovered evidence that the homeowner and builder had conspired to sneak the lack of a handrail past the Building Safety Department for Laguna Beach when the home was remodeled.

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The Easton Law Firm recent resolved the case of a 16-year-old student against Walnut Valley Unified School District where the Gymnasium Floor Mat Rack fell on the student when he carelessly overloaded it on one side.

While the School District contended that our client had negligently used the Rack when he was asked to help clean up the Gym after an awards ceremony, we were able to show through a site inspection that the Rack was poorly constructed, lacked the necessary warnings, and constituted a dangerous condition of public property.

At a Mediation in the matter, out attorneys not only showed that a jury was likely to find the School District liable, but also demonstrated that the story of our particular client would be extremely compelling, as he was an honors student whose femur was fractured when the Rack fell on him just a week before finals in his sophomore year. Based on the compelling story we advocated, the case settled for $185,000, despite the fact that our client had only incurred $25,000 in medical bills.

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This year our firm resolved a hard fought bicycle accident case against the State of California where our client – a weekly cyclist with over 10 years of extensive cycling experience – crashed on Northbound Newport Coast Drive in the gore point for the SR-73 toll road on-ramp due to ground down asphalt in the gore point.

As our client approached the gore point, he was unaware that roadwork had occurred and the asphalt had been ground down on the on-ramp and gore point because there were no warning cones or roadwork signs.

As cyclists are not permitted to ride on freeways and the gore point is considered part of the SR-73 freeway, the State of California contended that it did not need to place any warnings at the gore point. The State of California’s Safety Expert testified at his deposition that cyclists needed to merge into the middle lane of the roadway in order to stay off the freeway on-ramp lanes. When it was pointed out that vehicles on Newport Coast Drive were traveling in excess of 60 MPH, the State’s Expert realized his ridiculous position. Through further litigation, we showed that the only reasonable path for cyclists on this roadway was to pass through the gore point, resulting in a settlement of $175,000 one month before trial.

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When our client told us of her trip and fall due to a pot hole in the street of her condo complex, we warned her that it would be a difficult case because the defendants would argue the 2-foot-wide pot hole was an open and obvious hazard that she should have spotted.

But she told us that it had been very hard to see in the early morning hours because the road was wet from morning dew. Through further investigation, we were able to recreate the conditions of the morning when our client fell and take photographs showing how the pot hole became much more obscure when it was wet from rain or dew.

Prior to filing the lawsuit, we were able to provide the defendants with a thorough Demand Package documenting our findings and showing that, because there were no sidewalks in this community, the property managers had to maintain the roads in a condition safe for pedestrians, not just vehicles. As a result of her fall, our client had injured her knee and ankle and underwent a right knee arthroscopy. With the evidence we gathered and provided in our Demand Package, we were able to resolve her claim for $105,000, without even having to file the lawsuit.

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In 2014, we acquired the Defendant’s $100,000 policy limits in a case where our client was determined to have entered the crosswalk on a red signal before he was struck by the Defendant’s vehicle.

We were able to discover video footage of the collision taken by a witness’s dashboard camera. While this footage showed that our client likely entered the intersection on a red signal, we were able to use it to show that 7 lanes of traffic in the intersection observed our client crossing and waited to allow him to finish crossing. The Defendant was in the 8th and final lane of the intersection and was the only vehicle that did not wait to allow our client to finish crossing. With this footage, we argued that the Defendant had failed to use reasonable care and was therefore liable for a significant portion of our client’s injuries, which lead to the Defendant’s insurance carrier tendering their policy limits.
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This past year, Easton & Easton acquired $80,000 for an elderly couple who experienced severe food poisoning from room service on the first night of their stay at a local hotel after they had come to Southern California to visit family for Christmas.

While liability in food poisoning cases is usually fiercely disputed by such establishments, we were able to use circumstantial evidence regarding our clients’ travels and other meals that day to pinpoint the cause of the food poisoning to the hotel’s room service. Although our clients’ only incurred a couple thousand dollars in medical bills after a short stay in the hospital, we demonstrated how this incident completely disrupted their ability to visit their children and grandchildren throughout the Christmas holiday. Based on the pain and suffering of this event, room service provider ultimately paid our client’s $80,000 without filing a lawsuit.
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Easton & Easton previously represented a woman who was rendered quadriplegic after a rollover accident on her way back from Las Vegas.

The vehicle that caused her accident only had $100,000 policy limits. Instead of simply accepting that meager result, we hired numerous experts and investigated the roof structure of the vehicle she was driving to ultimately determine that the roof above her driver seat was poorly designed and did not provide enough strength to resist collapsing in a rollover accident. We initiated a product liability lawsuit against the auto manufacturer for this defective design in the vehicle’s roof structure and, after extensive litigation, were able to obtain a substantial confidential settlement for our client. Due to the notoriety of the automobile manufacturer and substantial size of the settlement, the manufacturer required that their identity and the amount of the settlement remain confidential.
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Doug and Matt Easton have each been chosen as one of The Best Lawyers in America for Plaintiff's Personal Injury Litigation. Best Lawyers lists attorneys who have earned selection through exemplary legal work that attracts the notice of their colleagues. Lawyers cannot buy their way onto this list.

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Coming out of my first auto accident as an adult, a very difficult and scary time to navigate and understand, I was so incredibly thankful to have been put in contact with Easton & Easton. I honestly was lost with how to handle paperwork, doctors, medical costs and what next steps were, and from the moment I spoke with Travis Easton and my case manager Katie, my mind was put at ease. They have made the entire process stress free for me as I recovered, and I am so grateful for them and their genuine care for my case. Communication from the start has been fantastic, especially making clear what my expectations for the entire process would look like, and I truly believe they have my best interest at heart. 100% I would recommend their firm for anyone that is needing representation!

Sara McClelland

My experience with Easton & Easton has been amazing! Gabriel Mendoza and my case manager Katie have been so helpful and taken so much stress off my plate. They’ve been super informative and honest and given me very clear expectations. They’ve taken such a terrible experience (my accident) and eased my mind about the outcome. I can’t thank them enough!!

Caila Dean

Ive used them twice and never been disappointed

Lisa Bluemel

The Easton & Easton Law Firm is amazing! The entire team is very helpful and caring. They were always there to answer all my questions. They directed me through the entire process and stayed with me every step of the way. This team is outstanding and were wonderful to work with. Because of the tremendous effort they put on my case they were able to win my difficult personal injury case. I couldn’t have asked for a better law firm to handle my case. They are the Best! Thank you for your patience, professionalism, & guidance! I definitely recommend this firm to handle your case. They go out of their way to fight for your rights. THANK YOU…

Sofia Sanchez

I could not be more pleased with the services provided by the Law Offices of W. Douglas Easton. The senior partner Mr. Easton took the time to meet with me and my wife while I was still in the hospital, where he gave my family hope that there was light at the end of a very long, and very dark tunnel. Matt Easton then worked my case, and because of his dedication, experience and expertise I received a settlement that was larger than I EVER thought possible. It was truly astounding! Matt and the entire team at Easton & Easton looked out for me throughout my recovery, and in the end they gave me my life back. Five stars is not enough. Thanks Matt! Thanks Easton & Easton!

Dan Campbell

Brian and everyone at Easton and Easton are simply the BEST at what they do. Brian is thorough, easy to talk to, and truly cares about his clients. If you want a family of attorneys with perseverance and determination to fight for you, give Easton and Easton a call. I am glad I did.

Kyle Keith

What an amazing law firm, talk about going above and beyond to make such a painful experience go so well. I have referred a co-worker and a family member to them as well and everyone had such a great experience as I had.

Logan Ross

I can’t say enough amazing things about my experience with Travis Easton at Easton & Easton. Travis and his entire team (Katie, Amy, Dee, Michelle, & Araceli) are phenomenal. It provided me a lot of comfort to know I was being so well taken care of. I was especially impressed that every document for the case was perfectly written and specific to me. Nothing was generic, which shows the level of care and attention they put into each individual case. I had such a great experience and would highly recommend Travis Easton and his firm to anyone going through a personal injury. Travis took a bad situation and made the best of it for me. Thank you again, I’m forever grateful!!


Ashlee A.

Retaining Easton and Easton was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! From the initial consultation to our final meeting, they were nothing short of exceptional. I was forced to retain their services after firing my previous attorney for not handling the case properly. I dealt with Gabriel and Brian (partner) exclusively throughout the case. They did as promised and were great communicators throughout the entire process. I will recommend them to anyone I know going through a personal injury case. They were ultimately able to untangle the mess caused by my previous lawyer and get a result that I was extremely happy with. Their staff is exceptional as well and provided top notch customer service. Amera was also extremely helpful and easy to deal with as well.

Jeffrey N.

I was in a pretty bad car accident and decided to have Easton & Easton represent me, Travis Easton to be specific. Travis Easton and his paralegal made the whole process effortless. They were so understanding and helpful! The entire thing was a gigantic mess, yet Travis managed to make it run like clockwork. I would HIGHLY recommend Easton & Easton! If you are ever in need of a personal defense attorney Easton & Easton is the firm to represent you!

Mark B.

They are the best law firm in Orange County period. Choosing them to represent me was the best decision of my life.
My life changed in a matter of seconds after a catastrophic spinal cord injury that left me disabled. Brian Easton and his team worked on my case non stop for 3 years and provided me the justice I deserved. I couldn’t have been more content.
I was treated with utmost respect and I felt like I was being represented by a close family member. The responses to my questions were quick and clear. What E & E has done for me is phenomenal.
My sincere thanks to Brian, Matt, Travis, Doug, Gabriel and Amera. They are what they are because of their dedication to provide high quality and professional service to their clients.

Vamsi P.

Brian Easton and his team, Gabe Mendoza and Amera Hajali, helped me during a very difficult time in my life. I had a significant injury from a car accident, and wound up seeking out Easton & Easton when I was having difficulties getting help from my doctors. The Easton team took a lot of stress off of me while acting as my advocates to help me get the care I needed, and saw my case all the way through to a healthy settlement.

They are the BEST!

Jennifer P.

I have nothing but good things to say about Easton and Easton. Brian handled my case professionally and communicated with me effectively throughout the process. He made sure that the process was effortless and as hands free as possible. This was super important for my busy schedule. I highly recommend Easton and Easton if you are ever found in a situation that you need an attorney.

Claudia C.

I would highly recommend Easton & Easton.
I was rear ended on my home and pushed into a semi-truck. I was not sure how to go about even using an attorney.
Brian, Gab and Amera were so good about helping me thru the process and representing me.
I was able to concentrate on getting myself better knowing they had my back, taking care of the details and keeping me informed along the way

Linda M.

The best Law firm by far. I would highly recommend Easton & Easton, LLP and ask for Gabriel Mendoza and staff. He and his colleagues did and exceptional service. Thank you for everything. Job well done!

Ericka P.


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