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Three Things Your Should Know After A Public Transportation Accident

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California truck accident claims 5 lives

In a story that garnered the attention of the national news media, five people died in a truck accident on Interstate 10 that left both sides of the highway closed for hours and the truck involved in the accident consumed in flames. The accident happened near Railto, a California city about an hour east of the Los Angeles area.

According to authorities, the semi involved in the accident without warning veered from its side of the road, over the median and in to oncoming traffic. It then struck at least three vehicles, including one motorcycle, traveling the opposite direction. The truck eventually wound up on its side along the shoulder of the road and, at some point, burst in to flames. Police are still investigating exactly why the truck driver lost control of the vehicle in the first place.

We work to hold distracted truckers accountable

A previous post on this blog talked about how large trucks require a lot of extra stopping time. Because of this, it is essential that truck drivers pay constant attention to the road in front of them and also their surroundings more generally. If they do not do so, then they waste the valuable seconds they need to stop in the event of a sudden change in circumstances and thus avoid a disaster.

Unfortunately, many truckers choose to take the risk of talking on their cell phone or engaging in some other behavior that takes their minds and, in some cases, eyes off of the road. Even relatively innocent behavior, such as turning to look at something along the road or even reaching for a bite to eat, can take just enough time to cause a crash.

What damages can you seek after a car accident?

It only takes seconds to change your life and sometimes, it changes forever. You may not have even known what was about to happen, until you heard the crunch of metal and felt the impact. The entire accident could have taken place before you even realized what happened.

Perhaps you suffered serious injuries and face a significant recovery period. During that time, you may incur a substantial amount of medical expenses; you could lose income and sustain other damages as well. You may be considering filing a personal injury claim against the driver you believe responsible for the collision, but you want to know what damages you might be able to seek first.

Why it is especially important for truckers to be alert

A previous post on this blog talked about the dangers of distracted driving and how distracted drivers should be held accountable for any injuries an damage they cause as a result of rear-ending someone because they were not paying attention. This is especially true of drivers of large trucks.

After all, while a typical car weighs, at most, 4,000 or so pounds, a fully loaded semi-truck weights closes to 80,000 pounds. More weight means more momentum, and more momentum means that a semi-truck will inflict more damage in the event of an accident. What might have been a rear-end fender bender had it been between two cars can be a serious and even fatal accident when a truck is involved.

You shouldn't be liable for another motorist's distraction

You can sum up a typical day on a busy California highway as traffic-laden, chaotic, stressful and dangerous. Like it or not, however, most people (perhaps yourself included) must navigate such roadways in order to carry out the tasks and duties of their daily lives, such as traveling to and from work or shopping for groceries. You may be able to take an alternate route on a quieter back road on occasion; however, in some instances (such as unmarked crossroads) rural lanes can be risky as well.

The best thing you can do when driving in California or anywhere is to remain alert behind the wheel and adhere to all traffic and safety regulations. It's also a good idea to know how to recognize a possible distracted driver when you see one. Distracted drivers are great menaces on the road as they often cause serious motor vehicle collisions. If a distracted driver hits you and you suffer injury, why should you bear the full impact of the expenses associated with the incident?

Is your son or daughter juuling with kids at school?

Sometimes, a brand name becomes a colloquial term when the brand itself is so well known that consumers apply it to all similar products. For instance, you might refer to all tissues as "Kleenex" or all hot tubs as "Jacuzzis." Both are actually brand names that people use to refer to general products. If you're a California parent, you may notice your kids talking about a new trend at school known as "juuling." Many parents are currently concerned about this topic.

JUUL is a brand name referring to electronic cigarette products designed and manufactured in JUUL labs. School students across the nation have been participating in a rising trend of vaping with these products, hence the development of the colloquial term known as juuling. What many parents don't know, however, is that JUUL e-cigarettes contain nicotine. The question is: Can this cause your child injury, and if so, who would be liable?

Federal law prohibits trucker cell phone use

In addition to the laws of California, federal regulations prohibit many truck drivers who travel through the Los Angeles area, specifically those who also travel to other states as part of their business, from using their cell phones while driving.

The ban on cell phones is very broad. In addition to being prohibited from texting, drivers also may not talk on a cell phone at all unless it is equipped with a hands-free device. Moreover, the device must allow drivers to make a call with one button, so even if a driver has a hands-free device, if he or she has to punch in a serious of buttons to make a call, that device is not permitted.

California highway patrolman hurt in motorcycle crash

A California motorcycle officer who was stopped alongside the road to help with a prior, unrelated accident suffered severe injuries, including crush injuries to his legs, after another motorist ran in to the stopped motorcycle from behind.

According to authorities, the officer had turned on the motorcycle's lights to give passing drivers the ability to see it. Nevertheless, the woman, who apparently did not notice the scene of the accident, plowed in to the back of the bike, pushing it in to the officer and also in to a pickup truck that had been involved in the prior accident.

Don't let recovery options evaporate following vape pen injuries

A few decades ago, the adverse health effects associated with smoking cigarettes were not widely known. Fast forward to the time when scientific investigation proved that medical dangers exist not only if you smoke cigarettes but even if you are exposed to second-hand smoke. The U.S. Attorney General ordered that cigarette manufacturers place a warning on all cigarette packages. Like many others in California, you may have been thrilled to learn about vape pens as alternatives to traditional, tobacco-rolled cigarettes.

These portable electronic devices were quick to catch on. Whether you're a medical marijuana patient, a smoker trying to kick a cigarette habit or simply curious to give vaping a try, you may have gone online or to an authorized marijuana dispensary to purchase your first pen. As with many other products, as time goes on, questions are surfacing as to whether vape pens are entirely safe for those who use them. If you plan to make it a habit, you'll want to research the topic ahead of time.

Representation after a fatal drunk driving accident

Despite all of the advertising campaigns and law enforcement efforts, people in and around Costa Mesa, California, still make the terrible decision to drink or take drugs and then drive. Not surprisingly, these people have a tendency to cause accidents on California's roads.

Many of these accidents are quite serious, leaving innocent victims permanently disabled and, in other cases, leaving families grieving the loss of a loved one and trying to piece things together after losing a breadwinner.

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