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Three Things Your Should Know After A Public Transportation Accident

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3.6 million unsafe children's plates and bowls recalled

For families, keeping children safe is a serious concern, which is why it is important families are aware when their children may be exposed to hazards because of dangerous products. In this respect, Orange County parents should take note that a major manufacturer of children's products recently recalled 3.6 million units of children's plates and bowls due to a potential choking and safety hazard.

The children's plates and bowls recently recalled have a clear plastic layer of graphics over the plates and bowls that can bubble up or peel and pose a choking hazard to small children. The plates and bowls have differing graphics and were sold separately and in sets. The manufacturer has received 372 reports of the clear plastic layer on the plates and bowls bubbling up or peeling off. They have received 11 reports of the clear plastic layer detached from the defective plates and bowls found in the mouths of children and 4 reports of children choking on the detached clear plastic layers from the plates and bowls.

The battle of bicycle versus car may be a one-sided affair

There are a variety of reasons that may lead you to prefer using a bicycle as your favorite means of transportation. Being able to exercise while in transit and having less constraints concerning traffic could both be high on your list of advantages in cycling, but you may also want to stop and consider the potential risks.

With less in the way of protective measures, bicyclists stand little chance of holding their own in a collision involving a motor vehicle. Since cyclist-related accidents often prove devastating, gaining an understanding of the hazards you may face as a cyclist could prove invaluable.

Whiplash injuries can cause chronic pain for victims

A variety of serious injuries can be suffered in car accidents and motorcycle accidents. Neck injuries are, unfortunately, common in car and motorcycle accidents, and whiplash is a type of neck injury commonly suffered. Whiplash injuries can be suffered in different types of accidents including front-impact accidents, side-impact accidents and rear-end accidents. Because there are a million rear-end accidents each year, the impact of whiplash injuries can be significant on the lives of victims.

Approximately 20 to 30 percent of whiplash injuries become chronic injuries and can lead to long-term pain and consequences for victims. As a result, it is important to recognize whiplash injuries and to closely monitor whiplash injuries, as they may also not be immediately evident. It is also important for victims of whiplash injuries to obtain the medical care and treatment they need. In addition to the physical injuries victims may suffer, they may also incur medical expenses to treat their whiplash injuries and may require ongoing treatment and care.

What are the common causes of motorcycle accidents?

For obvious reasons, motorcycle accidents can be devastating for riders.

Motorcycles don't provide the protective outer shell of a car or truck, and cars and trucks far outweigh motorcycles. Following are some common causes of motorcycle accidents in California.

Legal protections for victims of dangerous drugs

Many products liability lawsuits involve drugs and medicines because of the potential harm defective and dangerous drugs can cause to victims. Pharmaceutical drugs must be tested according to Food and Drug Administration standards prior to entry into the market. These rules are designed to protect the public, patients and users of the drugs.

Simply because a drug has been through the process involving the FDA does not mean that a drug manufacturer may not be liable for harm caused by the drug. In some instances, the drug manufacturer may have failed to adequately fulfill their duty to warn. Drug manufacturers must warn of potential side effects of the drug. When a victim has been harmed by a dangerous or defective drug, the manufacturer may be liable, based on the circumstances, to compensate the victim for the damages they have suffered.

Driver booked in Orange County following fatal bicycle accident

A driver was recently booked in the Orange County Jail for felony hit-and-run following a fatal bicycle accident. The driver is believed to be responsible for killing a 41-year old bicyclist after striking him and failing to stop his vehicle. According to authorities, the 25-year old driver struck the bicyclist from behind, throwing him 50 feet forward. Authorities noted that drivers are required to make space for bicycles and bicyclists.

When a loved one has been killed in a bike accident, surviving family members may unexpectedly be left struggling with emotional and financial damages they did not anticipate facing. Fortunately, when a bicyclist has been struck and killed by a negligent driver in a fatal pedestrian accident, legal resources are available to help surviving family members with the financial and emotional damages they may face. Criminal charges or citations may be used as evidence of negligence in a wrongful death claim for damages.

Vape pen explosions: When a healthier life choice turns hazardous

After numerous attempts to cut back on or stop smoking cigarettes, many people have taken to alternative forms of relief, such as vape pens. While the decision to switch to an electronic cigarette could stem from a wish to improve your health, there may also be a certain level of risk involved, which might not appear on the warning label.

A company might be reluctant to inform potential customers of the risk of explosion in e-cigarettes, but as a consumer, you have a right to know about the dangers you face. If a defective vape pen causes you to suffer serious injuries, you may be entitled to significant compensation.

Semi-trucks need time to stop

It is important that drivers fully focus on the roadways on today's roads but this is especially true for truck drivers. The braking distance required for a truck to stop is significantly longer than the braking distance for a passenger vehicle which is why truck driver inattentiveness is such a serious concern. Fully-loaded semi-trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds which can make them a danger on the roadways.

When travelling 55 miles per hour, the stopping distance for a semi-truck is the length of a football field. This must take into account reaction time and time for the braking system to engage. Because there is a lag period between when compression brakes are initiated and when they engage, it can take a fully-loaded semi-truck a tenth of a mile to come to a complete stop. Passenger vehicles take approximately half that amount of time to stop.

Damages of a spinal cord injury can go beyond paralysis

Whether it was a motor vehicle accident, a work-related accident or some other trauma, you may have known as soon as it happened that something just wasn't right. You may have wondered if shock was the reason why you couldn't feel anything.

Then you got to the hospital and doctors told you that you had suffered either a complete (no sensation below the injury level) or incomplete (some sensation below the injury level) spinal cord injury. The injury level refers to the vertebrae where the injury occurred. If you suffered a complete spinal cord injury, you could be facing lifelong paralysis.

The dangerous nature of motorcycle accidents for riders

Motorcycle accidents can be exceptionally dangerous for motorcycle riders because they are less protected on the roadways than occupants of passenger vehicles. In addition, inattentive drivers of passenger vehicles can fail to observe motorcyclists, causing motorcycle accidents and injuring, or even killing, motorcycle riders. In two-thirds of all motorcycle accidents, the driver of a passenger vehicle violated the motorcycle rider's right of way and caused the accident.

When a negligent driver has caused harm to a motorcyclist because of a failure to yield or other type of negligent behavior, such as distracted driving, they may be liable to victims for the damages suffered. Victims may suffer serious injuries in a motorcycle accident but a motorcycle accident may also claim the life of the victim, causing their family members to suffer serious harm and damages. Motorcycle accident victims, unfortunately, are 26 times more likely to die in an accident than occupants of passenger vehicles and are 5 times more likely to be injured.

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