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What to Do After a Car Accident That Was Not Your Fault in California?

January 18th, 2022|

Every year, thousands of California residents experience car accidents. Some of these incidents occur due to completely unpredictable hazards, while others happen because of negligence. When a car accident happens, and another driver is clearly at fault, it’s natural to feel frustrated and uncertain when it comes to recovering your losses. However, California upholds a fault-based system to determine liability for accidents. Therefore, it is essential to know how this rule works and what to do after a car accident that was not your fault in California. How Does the Fault System Work? Every driver in California must have auto [...]

What Is the Leading Cause of Traffic Fatalities in California?

January 17th, 2022|

Every year, thousands of California drivers experience traffic accidents. While many of these incidents only result in minor injuries and vehicle damage, severe crashes are potentially fatal. Therefore, it’s crucial for all drivers to acknowledge the risks they face on the road and to know the most common causes of fatal accidents. When drivers are aware of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents, they are better prepared to avoid them. Top-Cited Causes of Fatal Car Accidents Various agencies across the country collect accident statistics at the state and national levels. For example, according to the most recent accident data [...]

What Is the Most Common Type of Motor Vehicle Accident in Santa Ana?

November 18th, 2021|

Every day, thousands of drivers throughout California experience car accidents due to many causes. In Santa Ana, CA, drivers face many of the same risks as drivers in other parts of the country. As a result, the accident trends seen throughout the United States are reflected in accident statistics from Santa Ana. In addition, various agencies at the state and federal levels collect and analyze accident data from all across the country, such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). As a result, these agencies publish reports that can help drivers [...]

Where Do Most Personal Injuries Happen in Irvine?

October 24th, 2021|

A “personal injury” is a legal term used to describe any situation in which one person’s negligent action (or inaction, in some cases) directly causes an injury or economic loss to another person. Personal injuries can happen in many different places from many different circumstances. If you are wondering where most personal injuries happen in Irvine, the answer is the road. Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of personal injury claims throughout the United States. Every year, thousands of people suffer injuries and many die in car accidents, leading to astronomical financial costs across the country. If you want [...]

What You Need to Know About Irvine Car Accident Statistics

October 4th, 2021|

Despite our best efforts to prevent them, car accidents still happen from time to time. When they do, their damage can range anywhere from a small fender bender to fatalities. Because so much is at stake, communities and their governments do everything possible to keep their roads safe and free of collisions. Irvine is no exception. With a population of over 300,000, Irvine is one of the most populous cities in Orange County. Though this means a thriving community with endless things to do and see, it also means that car accidents do occur. Irvine Car Accident Statistics The number [...]

How Many Car Accidents Happen Each Year on Average in California?

September 9th, 2021|

California is one of the most heavily populated states in the country, meaning there are more drivers in California than in most other states. As a result, each year, thousands of people experience car accidents in California. Examining the number of accidents and the most common causes of these accidents is a good way for residents to understand the risks of driving and determine the best ways to limit their own risk of experiencing car accidents. Each year, tens of thousands of car accidents happen in California, resulting in deaths and injuries. While injuries are far more common than fatalities, [...]

How Likely Are You to Have a Motorcycle Accident?

September 9th, 2021|

Motorcycles are popular in California and throughout the United States. While many people enjoy riding motorcycles, they need to acknowledge the inherent dangers these vehicles present. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and other sources indicate that the risk of experiencing an accident is much higher for motorcyclists than drivers of typical passenger vehicles. On average, for every 100,000 vehicle miles driven in the US, there are about 25 motorcycle accident fatalities and only one car accident fatality. The risk of death and serious injury is statistically much higher on a motorcycle than in a passenger vehicle. [...]

How to Prevent a Boating Accident on California Waterways

September 9th, 2021|

Boating is an enjoyable activity for many people living in California, but it’s vital to know the inherent dangers it can present and how to prevent accidents from happening. Boating accidents can be just as damaging as any other motor vehicle accident with the added danger of drowning-related injuries and deaths. So, whether you operate a boat or plane to ride as a passenger on a boat anywhere in California, it’s essential to understand the risks of boating and what you can do to protect yourself and others. Refrain From Drinking and Driving a Boat Almost everyone is aware of [...]

What Are Five Types of Accidents?

August 8th, 2021|

Motor vehicle accidents continue to rank among the top causes of accidental deaths and injuries throughout the United States. Every driver needs to understand the risks of the road and the importance of adhering to the traffic laws and posted signals at all times. When drivers fail in this duty of care, they put themselves and others at grave risk and become liable for the victim’s damages. If you or a loved one have recently experienced a vehicle accident of any kind, you may wonder whether you have grounds for legal action against the driver responsible for causing the accident. [...]

What Happens If a Bus Gets in an Accident?

July 10th, 2021|

Many California residents rely on buses for everyday transportation. These passengers trust bus drivers to operate these large vehicles with the utmost care and deliver them to their destinations safely. In fact, bus drivers have a professional duty to follow the rules of the road and always adhere to traffic signs and signals. Unfortunately, buses are just as vulnerable to motor vehicle accidents as all other vehicles. In addition, the size of most buses means that accidents involving these vehicles are typically far more damaging than accidents involving standard passenger vehicles. Worse, if a bus is carrying many passengers, it [...]

What Is the First Thing You Do in a Boating Accident?

May 6th, 2021|

Boating accidents have the potential to cause devastating injuries, and it is vital for everyone involved in a boating accident to know the first steps they should take after these incidents occur. Your actions immediately following a boating accident can have serious repercussions and may influence your liability for the accident. Whether you are a boat operator or passenger, it is vital to know the first thing you should do after a boating accident. If You Are Involved in a Boating Accident, What Is the First Thing You Must Do? If you experience a boating accident and the boat remains [...]

What Is a Boating Accident?

May 5th, 2021|

Many people living in California enjoy boating on the Pacific Ocean, the Colorado River, and many other lakes, rivers, and streams throughout the Golden State. While boating can be relaxing and enjoyable, it is also an inherently dangerous activity. When boating accidents happen, victims can sustain a wide range of potential injuries, including drowning. A boating accident involves any incident in which a watercraft capsizes, experiences a fire onboard, or crashes into another vessel or an underwater obstruction. It is vital to understand how boating accidents happen and the motor vehicle accident laws that apply to these situations so that [...]

Protect Your Senior Citizen From Insurance Manipulation in Orange County

February 21st, 2021|

Though it’s very unpleasant to think about, auto accidents do happen. These occurrences can result in injury and are often incredibly jarring for the victims and their families. Car accidents are unwelcome events for anyone to experience, but they can be catastrophic for senior citizens. With increased pre-existing conditions, lower body resilience, and higher post-accident pain rates, seniors face a unique set of challenges pertaining to automobile accidents. Unfortunately, many insurance companies will take advantage of senior citizens’ conditions and age to try to avoid paying them appropriately for their injuries and claims. This is not ethical, but the companies [...]

How To Seek Legal Help After A Car Accident In Southern California

February 18th, 2021|

There are some truly sensational stories on television these days. Whether it’s a dramatic TV show or a sensational news story, we are inundated with a lot of information, true and false. Some of this information is relatively innocuous and doesn’t affect us very much. However, there are often instances in which the news and television leave people feeling confused about dealing with situations when they encounter them. One such instance is that of pain and suffering. This phrase is used frequently in the law world, though most people only encounter it in courtroom scenes of daytime television. In reality, [...]

Figuring Out Who Is at Fault in a California Auto Accident

February 17th, 2021|

Though it’s an unfortunate fact to admit, auto accidents are becoming increasingly common. With more drivers on the road than ever, all of whom are rushing from place to place, collisions have become more frequent. Even good drivers can find themselves in a car wreck, whether it’s because driving has become second nature to them and they were caught off guard, or for reasons beyond anyone’s control. Weather, traffic, and road conditions can all affect how drivers navigate the roads, and sometimes accidents happen. In states like California, the fault must be determined in the event of an auto accident. [...]

California Is a Fault State; How Does That Impact Your Auto Accident?

February 16th, 2021|

One of the first thoughts that many drivers have surrounding accidents is whether their state has a no-fault policy regarding crashes. California is one of 38 states that does not subscribe to a no-fault policy. This means whoever is responsible for the accident will be liable to pay for the damages. While every state is a little different, it’s important to understand what this means for you as a driver and how it may impact you in the event of a collision. Educating yourself on the rules and regulations of California’s motor vehicle accident laws will save you time and [...]

Tips to Remember After a Car Accident

February 15th, 2021|

While every driver wants to remain safe on the road, unfortunately, accidents do happen. If you find yourself a victim of a traffic accident, it’s important to know what to do. While your priority should always be safety, there are several steps you can and should take to ensure that you’re remaining safe and calm until the police arrive. Knowing what to do in case of an accident can make the process feel less overwhelming and may even ensure the safety of you and those around you as well. Here are some tips to remember after a car accident. Follow [...]

How To Hire An Attorney In Orange County For Bicycle Accidents

February 14th, 2021|

Bicycle accidents are often serious. Due to the large difference in size between a bike and a vehicle, bicyclists often suffer most in collision injuries. Though it would be ideal if bicyclists and motorists could use the road together safely, mistakes mean that bicycle and vehicle accidents in Orange County do happen. If you are a frequent bicyclist in the area, you must know what to do in case of an accident. No matter the severity of the collision, having an attorney who understands bicycle accidents is key. However, because bicycle accidents deal with a very specific area of road [...]

Easton & Easton Awards Scholarship!

February 9th, 2021|

Easton & Easton is pleased to congratulate Maria Kappell as the winner of the 2020 Easton & Easton College Scholarship. Maria is an army veteran studying in the educational doctoral program at Concordia University Chicago. To further her education, she recently completed a masters add-on license in school administration. Upon completing her doctoral program, Maria plans to utilize her extensive life skills and new degrees to guide her efforts in effecting change in the community and the suffering public school system.

Dealing With Insurance Claims And Filing A Lawsuit After A Car Accident

January 14th, 2021|

Dealing With Insurance Adjusters Motor vehicle accidents have historically been one of the leading causes of accidental deaths and injuries across the United States. While an injured driver can seek compensation for their losses through civil action against a driver who has caused an accident with them, the first step in an injured driver’s recovery after a motor vehicle accident is typically an insurance claim. Every driver must purchase and carry auto insurance that complies with their state’s minimum insurance requirements. Unfortunately, dealing with insurance adjusters is rarely an easy or pleasant experience, and many injured claimants face unfair delays, [...]

What Age Can a Child Ride on the Back of a Motorcycle?

January 14th, 2021|

Motorcycles are common sights throughout California. Some people like the fact that they are small and efficient. Others enjoy motorcycles for leisure and recreation. Whatever the case may be, the reality is that any motorcycle is inherently dangerous due to the simple fact that these vehicles offer no physical protection to their operators and passengers when motorcycle accidents occur. A typical passenger car has an enclosed metal shell and frame designed to not only absorb crash impact forces but also shield the vehicle’s occupants from harm. A motorcycle has no such safety features, nor does it have any of the [...]

Things to See and Do in Huntington Beach

December 9th, 2020|

Huntington Beach lies on the lower edge of the Anaheim metropolitan area, making it a hotbed of activity during tourist season. Whether you live in Huntington Beach, plan to move to the area, or are simply visiting, it’s a good idea to know the best places to spend your time and what to do should you experience a personal injury. Both residents and visitors to Huntington Beach face numerous risks every day, and legal counsel can be invaluable after sustaining an injury caused by another party’s negligence. The right Huntington Beach personal injury attorney can be a valuable asset if [...]

Deadliest Intersection in Huntington Beach

December 9th, 2020|

Huntington Beach is one of the busiest parts of Orange County. Like most other metropolitan areas in California, the high amount of traffic congestion inherently makes the Huntington Beach area a hotbed of accidents. While traffic accidents can happen on any road, intersections tend to be particularly dangerous in Orange County, with Huntington Beach taking the second to top spot for the most dangerous intersections in the area. Out of the top 50 most dangerous intersections in Orange County rated on a Crash Risk Index, 13 of the top 50 most dangerous intersections are in Huntington Beach. Fullerton topped the [...]

Things to See and Do in Anaheim

December 9th, 2020|

Anaheim is a very interesting city, and residents and visitors alike have no shortage of fantastic things to see and do during their time in the Anaheim area. While it’s easy to enjoy the sights and attractions in Anaheim, there are also many different ways for people to sustain serious injuries in any metropolitan area. Whether you live in Anaheim or are visiting for business or pleasure, it’s vital to know the most popular places in the area and the potential risks you might face. An experienced Anaheim personal injury attorney can be a great asset if you sustain any [...]

What Our

Coming out of my first auto accident as an adult, a very difficult and scary time to navigate and understand, I was so incredibly thankful to have been put in contact with Easton & Easton. I honestly was lost with how to handle paperwork, doctors, medical costs and what next steps were, and from the moment I spoke with Travis Easton and my case manager Katie, my mind was put at ease. They have made the entire process stress free for me as I recovered, and I am so grateful for them and their genuine care for my case. Communication from the start has been fantastic, especially making clear what my expectations for the entire process would look like, and I truly believe they have my best interest at heart. 100% I would recommend their firm for anyone that is needing representation!

Sara McClelland

My experience with Easton & Easton has been amazing! Gabriel Mendoza and my case manager Katie have been so helpful and taken so much stress off my plate. They’ve been super informative and honest and given me very clear expectations. They’ve taken such a terrible experience (my accident) and eased my mind about the outcome. I can’t thank them enough!!

Caila Dean

Ive used them twice and never been disappointed

Lisa Bluemel

The Easton & Easton Law Firm is amazing! The entire team is very helpful and caring. They were always there to answer all my questions. They directed me through the entire process and stayed with me every step of the way. This team is outstanding and were wonderful to work with. Because of the tremendous effort they put on my case they were able to win my difficult personal injury case. I couldn’t have asked for a better law firm to handle my case. They are the Best! Thank you for your patience, professionalism, & guidance! I definitely recommend this firm to handle your case. They go out of their way to fight for your rights. THANK YOU…

Sofia Sanchez

I could not be more pleased with the services provided by the Law Offices of W. Douglas Easton. The senior partner Mr. Easton took the time to meet with me and my wife while I was still in the hospital, where he gave my family hope that there was light at the end of a very long, and very dark tunnel. Matt Easton then worked my case, and because of his dedication, experience and expertise I received a settlement that was larger than I EVER thought possible. It was truly astounding! Matt and the entire team at Easton & Easton looked out for me throughout my recovery, and in the end they gave me my life back. Five stars is not enough. Thanks Matt! Thanks Easton & Easton!

Dan Campbell

Brian and everyone at Easton and Easton are simply the BEST at what they do. Brian is thorough, easy to talk to, and truly cares about his clients. If you want a family of attorneys with perseverance and determination to fight for you, give Easton and Easton a call. I am glad I did.

Kyle Keith

What an amazing law firm, talk about going above and beyond to make such a painful experience go so well. I have referred a co-worker and a family member to them as well and everyone had such a great experience as I had.

Logan Ross

I can’t say enough amazing things about my experience with Travis Easton at Easton & Easton. Travis and his entire team (Katie, Amy, Dee, Michelle, & Araceli) are phenomenal. It provided me a lot of comfort to know I was being so well taken care of. I was especially impressed that every document for the case was perfectly written and specific to me. Nothing was generic, which shows the level of care and attention they put into each individual case. I had such a great experience and would highly recommend Travis Easton and his firm to anyone going through a personal injury. Travis took a bad situation and made the best of it for me. Thank you again, I’m forever grateful!!


Ashlee A.

Retaining Easton and Easton was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! From the initial consultation to our final meeting, they were nothing short of exceptional. I was forced to retain their services after firing my previous attorney for not handling the case properly. I dealt with Gabriel and Brian (partner) exclusively throughout the case. They did as promised and were great communicators throughout the entire process. I will recommend them to anyone I know going through a personal injury case. They were ultimately able to untangle the mess caused by my previous lawyer and get a result that I was extremely happy with. Their staff is exceptional as well and provided top notch customer service. Amera was also extremely helpful and easy to deal with as well.

Jeffrey N.

I was in a pretty bad car accident and decided to have Easton & Easton represent me, Travis Easton to be specific. Travis Easton and his paralegal made the whole process effortless. They were so understanding and helpful! The entire thing was a gigantic mess, yet Travis managed to make it run like clockwork. I would HIGHLY recommend Easton & Easton! If you are ever in need of a personal defense attorney Easton & Easton is the firm to represent you!

Mark B.

They are the best law firm in Orange County period. Choosing them to represent me was the best decision of my life.
My life changed in a matter of seconds after a catastrophic spinal cord injury that left me disabled. Brian Easton and his team worked on my case non stop for 3 years and provided me the justice I deserved. I couldn’t have been more content.
I was treated with utmost respect and I felt like I was being represented by a close family member. The responses to my questions were quick and clear. What E & E has done for me is phenomenal.
My sincere thanks to Brian, Matt, Travis, Doug, Gabriel and Amera. They are what they are because of their dedication to provide high quality and professional service to their clients.

Vamsi P.

Brian Easton and his team, Gabe Mendoza and Amera Hajali, helped me during a very difficult time in my life. I had a significant injury from a car accident, and wound up seeking out Easton & Easton when I was having difficulties getting help from my doctors. The Easton team took a lot of stress off of me while acting as my advocates to help me get the care I needed, and saw my case all the way through to a healthy settlement.

They are the BEST!

Jennifer P.

I have nothing but good things to say about Easton and Easton. Brian handled my case professionally and communicated with me effectively throughout the process. He made sure that the process was effortless and as hands free as possible. This was super important for my busy schedule. I highly recommend Easton and Easton if you are ever found in a situation that you need an attorney.

Claudia C.

I would highly recommend Easton & Easton.
I was rear ended on my home and pushed into a semi-truck. I was not sure how to go about even using an attorney.
Brian, Gab and Amera were so good about helping me thru the process and representing me.
I was able to concentrate on getting myself better knowing they had my back, taking care of the details and keeping me informed along the way

Linda M.

The best Law firm by far. I would highly recommend Easton & Easton, LLP and ask for Gabriel Mendoza and staff. He and his colleagues did and exceptional service. Thank you for everything. Job well done!

Ericka P.


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