No roads or intersections are entirely safe just by themselves. Accidents occur every single day on every kind of road. It doesn’t matter how new the road is, how secret a shortcut may be, or how well-patrolled a highway might be. All roads have the potential to be the scene of a car accident in San Bernardino. It is up to us as drivers to be diligent and do what we can to prevent tragedy.

San Bernardino is a highly populated town with a lot of roadways. Here are some of the most dangerous roads and intersections in San Bernardino.

Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in San Bernardino

San Bernardino Car Accident Statistics

According to information gathered by the California Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System, there were 262 fatal car accidents in San Bernardino County in 2023. That is a steep drop from the previous year, which saw 415 fatal car accidents. Of those 262, around 90 involved the death of a pedestrian, while 11 involved the death of a bicyclist. If you have been involved in a car accident in San Bernardino, you may want to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

One of the leading causes of car accidents in San Bernardino is distracted driving. Distracted driving remains the main cause of car accidents nationwide, and it causes frequent deaths every day. California state law bans the use of cell phones while driving, but people still cause accidents on a daily basis due to being distracted by their phones. Other distractions include:

  • Texting
  • Playing with the radio
  • Eating and drinking
  • Talking with other passengers
  • Engaging in road rage behavior

The Most Dangerous Roads in San Bernardino

California is one of the most beautiful and welcoming states in the country. Los Angeles is the heart of the American film industry and has an impressive amount of tourist destinations, as do many of the state’s other gorgeous cities, including San Bernardino. With an influx of tourists comes a higher chance of vehicular accidents and resulting legal action. People are unfamiliar with the state’s roads, which increases the chances of causing a car accident.

Here are some of the more dangerous roads and intersections surrounding San Bernardino. These tend to be the root cause behind a higher volume of accidents than normal:

  • Bear Valley Road: There is a 4.7-mile stretch of road known as Bear Valley Road that glides through San Bernardino County. Between 2017 and 2019, that one stretch of road saw 10 fatal car accidents and 13 separate fatalities. It is often quite busy and congested, it winds, and it has multiple sharp turns.
  • Interstate 215: Interstate 215 runs right through San Bernardino County. It has gone through many renovations and improvements over the years, but it remains a dangerous road. Over two years, the section of highway has seen 13 fatalities, particularly the stretch between Exit 44B and Exit 39.
  • State Road 138: This road is also known as “Blood Alley” or the “Pearblossom Highway.” It is a two-lane highway that runs between Palmdale and Los Angeles. It is known for its various twists and turns, along with scenic views that can be distracting for some drivers. Bigger vehicles sometimes have trouble navigating it.
  • Interstate 15: The perilous, somewhat infamous Interstate 15 is one of the most dangerous highways in the U.S. It connects Los Angeles with Las Vegas and has seen multiple fatalities over a 15-year period. The main reason why so much death has occurred on this highway is largely due to the apparent freedom of the open road.

The interstate sees nothing but the Mojave Desert for miles. Some drivers, many of them under the influence, see this as an opportunity to drive with reckless abandon.


Q: What Is the Most Dangerous Intersection in California?

A: The most dangerous intersection in California is located in Los Angeles. Judging almost entirely by the number of frequent fatalities that occur in this area, the most treacherous intersection is at South Vermont Avenue and West Florence Avenue. That one intersection consistently reports a remarkably higher volume of car accidents, some minor and some fatal, than any other intersection in the city and the state. Its poor visibility and overcrowded lanes do not help.

Q: Which California Freeway Has the Most Accidents?

A: The freeway that has the most accidents in California is Interstate 15, which is considered California’s most dangerous stretch of road as well as one of the most dangerous highways in the country. The part between Exit 138 and Exit 129 has seen a particularly high amount of car accident fatalities. Interstate 15 is largely open road, which encourages some drivers to drive as fast as they want, with zero regard for the consequences.

Q: Does California Have the Worst Roads in America?

A: According to a report by the United States Department of Transportation, California has some of the worst roads in the United States. Over 59% of the state’s roads were deemed improperly maintained, and the state ranked 5th overall for the worst roads in the country. One of the possible reasons given for the low quality of the state’s roads was weather conditions. California’s frequent mudslides, earthquakes, heatwaves, and flooding have left some of the roads in serious states of disrepair.

Q: What Are the Most Dangerous Intersections in California?

A: There are many dangerous intersections in California, as the state has quite a substantial population. Many of the intersections that see the most accidents are in Los Angeles, including Devonshire Street and Reseda Boulevard in Northridge, a Los Angeles neighborhood. Over a ten-year period, that area saw many separate accidents due to a significant amount of traffic in that spot and speed limits that are widely ignored.

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The roads of San Bernardino are not perfect. Accidents happen all the time. However, the citizens of San Bernardino work every day to make their city a welcoming place. Being involved in a car accident can be frustrating, painful, and even devastating in the worst-case scenarios. Accidents are not rare in San Bernardino; if one happens to you, it is important that you take measures to protect yourself by consulting with an experienced car accident lawyer.

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