The average dog bite settlement in California can range anywhere from a few thousand dollars to several hundreds of thousands of dollars. The settlement amount typically depends on the severity of the injuries and damages, any related medical expenses and treatments, and any potential negligence or liability on the part of the dog owner. If you have been involved in a dog bite accident, it is a good idea to engage the help of an experienced personal injury attorney.

Average Dog Bite Settlement in California

Dog Bite Statutes

California state law typically holds dog owners liable for any bites or damages caused by their dogs. California has some key dog bite laws that are important to understand.

  • Strictly liable. Strict liability means that the dog owner is strictly liable for any damages or bites to victims that are caused by their dog.
  • One bite rule. Even if the dog has never bitten anyone or demonstrated any aggressive behavior, dog owners are responsible for the first bite their dog makes, even if there is no history of aggressive behavior.
  • It is important to note that California state law does provide an exemption to the strict liability rule if the person who was bit was trespassing on the owner’s property.

Types of Dog Bite Cases

There are different types of dog accidents that could warrant a settlement.

  • Unprovoked attack. An unprovoked attack is an unwarranted attack from a dog.
  • Provoked attack. A provoked attack would be a dog biting someone in response to some form of provocation.
  • There could be negligence on the part of the owner. Examples of this could include the owner failing to secure the dog while out in public or letting the dog roam freely outside the house. If the dog bites somebody, the owner could be at fault and also be negligent.
  • Animal issues. There are some cases in which the local animal control authorities fail to protect the public from dog incidents. An example of this could include a dog with a history of aggressive behavior towards people. Animal control has been alerted, but they fail to take action, and the dog bites someone again.
  • Service dog attack. There could be an instance where a service dog bites someone.
  • Dog-on-dog attack. There is also the case of a dog-on-dog attack. In these situations, it is possible that one owner pursues charges against the other owner for negligence. An owner could be stuck with significant veterinary or hospital bills as a result of a dog-on-dog attack.


Q: How Much Should I Settle for a Dog Bite?

A: The amount that you should settle for in a dog bite accident depends on the severity of the injury, pain and suffering that it may have caused, and any related medical expenses or treatments. Dog bite settlements can range anywhere from a couple thousand dollars to a couple hundred thousand dollars, depending on the severity and the complexity of the case. A personal injury attorney who has experience in dog bite cases could be the solution you need to ensure you get the fair and equitable settlement that you deserve.

Q: How Much Money Can You Get From a Dog Biting You?

A: The amount of money that you can get from a dog biting you in California depends on the severity of the damages that you sustain. Dog bite cases generally range anywhere from $15,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is important to understand that each dog bite case is unique and different in its own way. Consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney can help you better understand the possible settlement amount available to you.

Q: What Is the Compensation for a Dog Bite?

A: The compensation for a dog bite can range anywhere from $15,000 to several hundred thousand dollars. It largely depends on the seriousness of the injuries and on the liability and negligence of the dog owner. Another factor that significantly contributes to the settlement of a dog bite case is whether or not the case settles outside of court or if it goes to trial. In general, cases that go to trial have a likelihood of a higher settlement than cases that are settled outside of court.

Q: What Does a Level Three Dog Bite Look Like?

A: A level three dog bite is when the dog’s teeth break through the victim’s skin and leave bloody marks on the victim. There can be a single bite or multiple bites. Level three dog bites are considered serious. Although they typically do not cause serious long-term injury, they can transmit germs and diseases that could be very serious. It is always a good idea to seek proper medical attention if you have been bitten by a dog, even if it is not a level three bite.

Q: Why Do I Need a Lawyer for a Dog Bite?

A: You need a lawyer for a dog bite because it is important that the responsible party be held responsible for their actions. Especially if the dog bite is serious enough to cause you serious injury, emotional distress, or causes you to miss work and potentially lose income. It is generally a good idea to engage the help of an experienced personal injury attorney to have your case reviewed and receive the legal advice and direction that you need.

A Law Firm That Fights For You

A dog bite resulting from a dog attack can be a physically, mentally, and emotionally draining experience. It can leave victims and their families feeling overwhelmed and overcome with questions. If you or someone you know has been involved in a dog attack and they wish to pursue fair compensation, our firm can assist. A qualified and experienced law firm can help you reach the fair and equitable compensation that you rightfully deserve.

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