Aggressive drivers put the lives of motorists and passengers on the roadway at risk for dangerous injuries or even death. According to the Insurance Information Institute, over half of fatal crashes from occurring from 2003-2007 involved aggressive driving. Other studies show that road rage is attributed to seven million motor vehicle accidents yearly. The following are some common signs of road rage and aggressive driving to look out for and avoid while on the roadways.


Excessive speed can be a sign of road rage. In all cases, speeding is dangerous and causes one-third of all traffic fatalities. If you see someone clearly speeding, make sure to attempt to avoid them if possible.


All of us have had someone follow us too closely on the roadways. Only six percent of the population readily admits to tailgating others, but this is a common occurrence and the cause of many vehicle accidents.

Changing Lanes or Weaving

Rapidly changing lanes in a careless or reckless way is dangerous to other drivers. Changing lanes or weaving in and out of traffic is a definite sign of road rage and can cause catastrophic injuries and death.

Gesturing, Honking, Yelling, Leering/Staring

Many people get frustrated behind the wheel of a car. Honking can not only be a symptom of road rage, but it can also cause road rage in others. Making vulgar or aggressive gestures to other drivers has gotten people stabbed, beaten, and shot on numerous occasions throughout the U.S Yelling at others is also another sign of road rage. Even if the other driver cannot hear you, they can see you acting in an aggressive manner towards them, which can cause a physical altercation. Finally, even just leering or staring at someone in an aggressive way at a while at a stoplight or driving in traffic can escalate an already stressful traffic situation. If you ever see anyone behaving in these ways, it is best to avoid them if possible.

Braking Suddenly

You may think you are teaching a tailgater a lesson by suddenly braking and making them stop quickly. However, braking unexpectedly can cause the person tailgating to become even more confrontational and lead to even more aggressive behavior from them.


Unfortunately, many instances of road rage escalate to the point where a gun, knife or other weapon is used. In an infamous incident, actor Jack Nicholson incited road rage by attacking a person who cut him off in traffic with a golf club. Oftentimes, the vehicle itself can be used as a weapon against others.

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