Wrong-way crash on Interstate kills 6

2022-01-05T18:11:19+00:00January 13th, 2018|

A woman who was traveling the wrong way on a major California Interstate killed several members of a family and also died herself after colliding with the family’s vehicle head on.

Authorities are still investigating this fatal car accident and have indicated it is too early to tell whether drugs or alcohol were a factor in this auto accident. They indicated that an autopsy report on the at-fault driver who died is pending.

While police also gave no indication about how fast the vehicles were going, all 6 accident victims died either in the impact or in the ensuing fire, as both vehicles ignited after the crash. Police came upon the wreckage after responding to reports that a driver was traveling the wrong way on the Interstate and heard there had been an accident as a result.

The surviving family members of the victims in the vehicle will no doubt need financial help to pay for funeral expenses and other final bills, and some well-wishers have started to raise funds for the family. While this is no doubt helpful, they will likely need a lot more to adequately cover their costs.

Even though the driver who was at fault died, the family of the other victims still have the option of pursuing legal action against the driver’s estate. However, the family will need to be prepared to assertively pursue their available claims with the help of an experienced personal injury attorney, and they may need help with pursuing other available paths for compensation in the event the at-fault driver simply did not have adequate insurance coverage.

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