Bicycle accidents are often serious. Due to the large difference in size between a bike and a vehicle, bicyclists often suffer most in collision injuries. Though it would be ideal if bicyclists and motorists could use the road together safely, mistakes mean that bicycle and vehicle accidents in Orange County do happen.

If you are a frequent bicyclist in the area, you must know what to do in case of an accident. No matter the severity of the collision, having an attorney who understands bicycle accidents is key. However, because bicycle accidents deal with a very specific area of road laws, you can’t hire just any Orange County attorney. You must be sure that your representation understands the situation and can accurately and appropriately make your case to insurance companies and a judge if your case goes to court. Heed these criteria and tips when shopping for a personal injury lawyer in Orange County to ensure that they can properly handle your case.

Hire An Attorney Who Specializes In Bike Accidents

Bicycle accidents fall under a very specific category of personal injury law. Though there are many personal injury lawyers in Orange County, not all of them will have the experience to handle your case. When searching, be sure to look for attorneys who have specific experience in bicycle accidents. Ask how many bicycle cases they’ve done in the area to ensure they are not just saying that they can handle bicycle law without any real experience. Though bicyclists often suffer the most injuries accrued in bicycle and vehicle collisions, it can be difficult to place legal fault on the vehicle’s driver. The laws are very specific, so it will be advantageous to have a lawyer with specific experiences in this arena.

Research Their Success Rate With Bike Accident Cases

No matter what the attorney tells you, be sure to do your own research on their success rate in bicycle accident cases. Because the laws are so specific, you don’t just want a lawyer who can take your case. Instead, you want a lawyer who knows how to use bicycle law to hold motorists responsible for their actions. For bicyclists, winning a case like this could mean significant financial help with medical bills, lost wages, and damages. A good lawyer can work the case to earn you these things. If the attorney you choose can do this, it will be reflected in their successful case rate.

Ensure That the Firm Has a Good Reputation

It’s not just important to have a qualified attorney backing your case; it’s also necessary that your lawyer be a part of a reputable firm. If the firm has a bad reputation, or if the attorney is someone other lawyers dislike working with, look elsewhere. To get what you deserve, you need a lawyer who can take care of your needs and work well with other legal system members, including their coworkers.

Make Sure The Attorney Is Available

Accident claims need to be handled promptly, as much of the outcome relies on details of what happened. The longer you wait to begin the process, the fewer details will be remembered by everyone involved. Be sure that your chosen lawyer has time to handle your case, and you aren’t put on a waitlist. If they can’t handle the case right away, look for another firm.

Make Sure The Attorney Is a Good Fit

Though many personal injury attorneys hear gruesome accident stories every day, this is likely a traumatizing and stressful time for you and your family. Be sure that your attorney understands this by listening intently and having sympathy for your case. A good bicycle accident attorney will be sensitive to your feelings and walk you through the legal steps with patience and understanding. Anything else is unacceptable.

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