Truck accident cases often end in settlement

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Semi trucks are a common sight in and around Orange County. But semi truck accidents can produce catastrophic injuries and even fatalities. If the accident was caused in part by the truck driver or the trucking company, injured victims may have a variety of medical expenses and other damages for which they need to recover compensation. Likewise, the family of a deceased victim can bring a wrongful death claim against a negligent driver and the truck owner.

In some situations, the defendants in a truck accident case may try to settle the claims. A settlement can come about in a few different ways. For example, mediation is a dispute resolution procedure in which a neutral third person helps the parties settle their case. The parties can walk away if they are unable to come to terms.

The parties to a truck accident case can pursue mediation, or another form of dispute resolution, while simultaneously litigating the case in a California court. Thus, if they are unable to settle outside of court, the dispute is still moving forward through the court system.

Settling a case outside of court can be a sensible option because it can cost less and require less time than litigation. It also eliminates the risk and uncertainty of submitting the case to a jury for resolution. Every settlement offer must be weighed against the chances of getting a more favorable outcome at trial.

Whether a person is seeking compensation for their own injuries or the death of a loved one, they need to understand how this area of law works. This means also knowing the advantages and limitations of pursuing a settlement instead of a trial.

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