Huntington Beach is one of the busiest parts of Orange County. Like most other metropolitan areas in California, the high amount of traffic congestion inherently makes the Huntington Beach area a hotbed of accidents. While traffic accidents can happen on any road, intersections tend to be particularly dangerous in Orange County, with Huntington Beach taking the second to top spot for the most dangerous intersections in the area.

Out of the top 50 most dangerous intersections in Orange County rated on a Crash Risk Index, 13 of the top 50 most dangerous intersections are in Huntington Beach. Fullerton topped the list with 18 out of 50. Huntington Beach area drivers need to know which intersections carry the highest degree of risk so they can use additional caution in these areas.

Which Intersection Is Deadliest in Huntington Beach?

According to Orange County Crash Risk Index data, the intersection in Huntington Beach with the highest accident rate is where Ellis Avenue intersects Newland Street. This is just a short distance from Beach Boulevard, one of the main throughways connecting Westminster to the north to Huntington Beach proper to the south. This is one of the most heavily traveled intersections in the Huntington Beach area. The brick walls surrounding the intersection along each sidewalk often pose visibility issues for motorists when the intersection is busy.

While it is impossible to predict when and where an accident can happen, do your best to drive safely and anticipate other drivers’ actions around you. Many drivers are on the road, driving distractedly. If another driver causes an accident with you in Huntington Beach that you believe was avoidable, get in touch with our office. An experienced Huntington Beach car accident attorney can assist you in recovering compensation for your damages.

Discerning Grounds for Legal Action After an Intersection Accident

The intersection of Ellis and Newland may be the statistically most dangerous in all of Huntington Beach. Other local intersections like Gothard and Heil, Magnolia and Yorktown, and Adams and Bushard all boast fairly high Crash Risk Index ratings. When an intersection accident happens, an injured driver’s first step toward recovery is identifying the party liable for the accident.

Accidents that lead to civil claims can unfold for many reasons, including:

  • Impaired driving. Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol is not only very dangerous for both the impaired driver and other drivers around them, but also illegal in California. A driver who causes a serious accident because of DUI should expect criminal prosecution from the state and civil action from victims hurt in the incident.
  • Unfortunately, distracted driving continues to be a serious issue throughout California. When a driver is not paying attention near an intersection, the result could be dangerous. It can easily lead to failure to stop in time to avoid hitting another driver in front of them or passing through the intersection after the light has already changed to red.
  • Lack of visibility. Some congested intersections make it very difficult for drivers to see their paths ahead, especially those who must turn left across opposing traffic lanes. When turning vehicles must yield to opposing traffic but cannot see them, some drivers can creep too far into their turns to avoid traffic coming the opposite direction.
  • Aggressive driving. Unfortunately, many drivers refuse to use adequate caution on the roads and cause severe injuries when their actions lead to accidents. When drivers swerve suddenly to overtake vehicles in tight proximity, the sudden movement can cause other drivers to reflexively veer away. Aggressive drivers often face criminal penalties when their actions cause injuries and other damages.

These are some of the most common reasons why Huntington Beach, CA vehicle accidents happen. Whenever an accident occurs due to a driver’s failure to exercise reasonable caution, anyone injured by their actions likely has grounds for legal action.

An Attorney Can Help

One of the best things you can do after experiencing any auto accident type in the Huntington Beach area is to find an experienced Huntington Beach car accident lawyer. Your legal representative can help you secure evidence from the scene of the crash that can help you prove liability for your damages. One positive aspect of intersection accidents is that the presence of many other drivers means an easier time securing eyewitness testimony, and video evidence from traffic cameras is relatively easy for an experienced attorney to obtain.

Discuss your legal options after an intersection accident in the Huntington Beach area. At Easton & Easton, our team has the experience to handle the most difficult car accident claims involving substantial damages and unclear liability. Contact us today to arrange a case evaluation with our team.