Fatal bike accident statistics show worrisome spike

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There are many bicyclists on the road in California. With the agreeable climate and the benefits to being a biker, this is no surprise. What is also unsurprising is the number of bicyclists who are losing their lives in a crash with a motor vehicle. Given the number of drivers who are not paying strict attention to the road, this is a growing problem. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of riders who died in a crash rose by 10 percent in the last year. The final numbers are expected to be the worst in more than three decades. Those who were injured or lost a loved one in a fatal bike accident should be cognizant of these statistics as it can be important when considering a legal filing for compensation.

Researchers and bike safety advocates say that as vehicles become safer for those inside the compartment, it becomes riskier for those outside the vehicle – specifically bicyclists and pedestrians. Safety regulations have seen to the vehicle improvements, but this has not done much for those outside vehicles. Some automakers are implementing technology that stops the vehicle automatically to protect bicyclists and pedestrians, but not all vehicles have this. The rising popularity of SUVs has been shown to be linked to fatalities of those outside vehicles.

Emergency stopping technology might not be required if drivers adhered to the rules of the road. This is connected to being negligent, reckless and under the influence. Most commonly, however, drivers are simply distracted when driving. Despite crackdowns on distracted driving, campaigns to encourage people to put the cellphone down when behind the wheel and other tactics, the temptation to make calls, text, check emails and surf the web is too much for many people. They succumb to it and put others in jeopardy. Until automatic braking systems and other technological advances to improve safety are widespread, riders will face the same dangers they always have and it will be compounded by new ones.

After a bicycle accident, there can be serious injuries with hefty medical costs. People can find themselves unable to work and in need of help to do the most basic tasks 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With fatalities, there will be funeral expenses and other costs personal and financial. A legal filing might be the only strategy to be fully compensated. Calling a law firm that has helped others with lawsuits after bicycle accidents is an important part of a case. It is vital to act quickly to move forward with a claim.

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