Wrong way driving: another consequence of alcohol use

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Although the freeways around greater Los Angeles can be confusing, it would still take a lot of effort, for lack of a better word, for a person to actually start traveling the wrong direction on a limited access, multi-lane highway like the area’s Interstates.

After all, there are a lot of warning devices and directional signs, as well as the tell-tale fact that one is driving straight in to oncoming traffic. Still, wrong way driving accidents happen both in Orange County and throughout the rest of the state.

When they happen on the freeway, the results are usually tragic, as a high-speed, head-on collision will frequently lead to a serious injury or a fatality.

The reasons these auto accidents happen vary. In some cases, drivers get honestly confused by poor visibility or unusual traffic flows, such as a in a construction zone. Of course, distracted or fatigued driving in these sorts of circumstances will not help. Moreover, when a driver is particularly inexperienced or is suffering from some physical limitation, like poor eyesight, a wrong way driving accident is more likely.

Unfortunately, drunk driving is one of the major reasons wrong way driving incidents happen and should be seen as a huge risk factor. It is not terribly surprising that someone who has had too much to drink in order to be able to drive safely in other respects would also be more prone to driving the wrong way on the freeway.

While wrong way driving accidents do happen, they are rarely if ever unpreventable. A driver who travels the wrong way on the Interstate will in most cases be legally responsible for any damages or injuries he or she causes, and victims could assure as much by filing the appropriate legal claim against the driver.

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