Young Man Killed in Orange County Motorcycle Accident

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A young motorcyclist, who was only 23-years-old, died at the scene of a serious accident on a Orange County street.

According to police, the motorcyclist was headed north on one of the city’s streets. Another motorist, who was driving a passenger car, was headed west on a street that apparently intersected with the motorcyclist’s route.

Although it seems this deadly motorcycle accident happened at a local intersection, police gave no indication as to whom they thought was responsible for it. Instead, the police called in a special investigative unit and have asked the public for information about the accident.

As more details come out about the accident, people may have a better idea about exactly what caused it. As this blog has talked about before, however, people should not automatically assume this accident is the motorcyclist’s fault.

Oftentimes, drivers of other vehicles are distracted or just do not pay close enough attention to the road so as to notice motorcycles. On other occasions, a driver might not appreciate how differently motorcycles operate from other vehicles. As a result, they may make a maneuver that may well be perfectly safe when around other vehicles, but not a motorcycle.

As this tragic case illustrates, collisions between motorcycles and other vehicles quite often lead to the death of the motorcyclist. Even when the motorcyclist wears proper gear, the size difference between a motorcycle and a vehicle makes it almost inevitable that the motorcyclist is going to get hurt if hit by a car.

The family of this young man will want to consider what their options are under California law. Especially if this man was supporting his family, his loved ones may need compensation for this accident in order to get along financially in the aftermath.

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