Why defective medical equipment remains on the market

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As previously discussed on this blog, it is clear that some consumers suffer harm because a certain product was defected and entered the stream of commerce. Defects are not always clear, and they can occur when there are issues with the design, manufacturing and warnings. In some cases, even when a product has a known defect, this does not mean it will not cause harm to consumers. In fact, failures with a recall could be the reason why a consumer interacted with a certain product and suffered harm.

Individuals in California and elsewhere rely on medical equipment. These products are designed to assist those living with a medical condition; however, these products, like any other product on the market, could be defective. In fact, a recent survey found that many individuals in the U.S. are unaware that they are using medical devices or equipment that have been banned or recalled in other nations.

The biggest cause for this situation is that fact that this type of information is not often shared across borders. It is further purported that this problem could expand because there is an increasing demand for these products by the aging problems in conjunction with the push to get products on the market as quickly as possible. This leads to products that are defective to enter or remain on the market.

The losses caused by a defective product can be significant. An injured consumer not only suffers pain related to the injuries caused, but they are also likely to suffer financially, emotionally and mentally. The impact a defective product can be immense, which is why a products liability action may be an appropriate legal remedy. This civil suit not only proves harm and liability but also evaluates the damages suffered, helping the injured consumer recover compensation for their losses.

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