Millions of people visit Las Vegas from all around the world each year, and while most enjoy their visits, there is always a chance for an unexpected injury to ruin a vacation. If you or a family member recently suffered an injury while vacationing in Las Vegas, it is natural to worry about how you can recover from the incident and how you can hold the party responsible for the injury accountable for your losses. This is especially true if you do not live in the area and cannot remain in Las Vegas long enough to see a protracted civil case through to a conclusion.

If you are injured while visiting Las Vegas, it’s vital to connect with an attorney familiar with the personal injury laws in Nevada. A Las Vegas personal injury attorney can represent you in your recovery efforts, helping you to maximize the compensation you obtain from the party responsible for your injury. An experienced attorney should be able to represent you remotely, allowing you to return home while your case unfolds, and your legal team can keep you informed on your case’s progress. You may be able to resolve the entire case remotely, but some plaintiffs may need to return to Las Vegas to participate in essential courtroom proceedings.

What to Do if You’re Injured on Vacation in Las Vegas, NV? 2023

Building Your Personal Injury Claim in Las Vegas

Every state upholds different personal injury laws, and the ultimate goal of any personal injury claim is for the plaintiff to recover compensation for losses inflicted by a defendant. A few of the most commonly cited personal injuries experienced by vacationers in Las Vegas include motor vehicle accidents, premises liability claims for slip-and-fall accidents, dog attacks, and personal injuries resulting from criminal misconduct. Before you can recover any compensation for your losses, you must identify the defendant responsible for your personal injury and then prove they are directly liable for the damages cited in your civil claim.

Your Las Vegas personal injury attorney can help identify the party or parties responsible for your damages, calculate the full range of damages you can include in your civil action, and assist you through the various stages of your case. To succeed with your claim, you must prove the defendant directly caused your claimed damages and then prove the full extent of those damages. Nevada law grants the plaintiff the right to claim full repayment of any economic losses they suffered because of the defendant’s actions; they can also seek compensation for their pain and suffering.

The attorneys at Easton & Easton have extensive professional experience handling personal injury claims in Las Vegas. If you or a loved one suffered an injury while visiting the area, our team could offer the legal representation you need to navigate your recovery efforts successfully. Whether you intend to remain in Las Vegas as your case unfolds or will need remote representation, our firm can develop an individualized strategy that aims for maximum recovery of your damages.


Q: What Is the Statute of Limitations for Personal Injuries in Las Vegas?

A: If you suffer an injury while visiting Las Vegas, but you live outside of the state, you must file a personal injury claim against the party responsible within the state in which your injury occurred. This means if you were injured on vacation in Las Vegas, you must meet Nevada’s two-year personal injury statute of limitations to hold the at-fault party accountable for the harm they inflicted.

Q: Can You Sue for Pain and Suffering in Nevada?

A: Yes, Nevada personal injury law allows the plaintiff in a personal injury case to seek compensation for the physical pain, emotional distress, and psychological trauma they suffered due to another party’s actions. Nevada does not place any limits on pain and suffering compensation for most personal injury cases, so it is possible for this to account for the majority of the total compensation you win from a successful personal injury case.

Q: Should I Hire an Attorney if I Suffer a Personal Injury on Vacation?

A: If you suffer a personal injury while visiting Las Vegas, it’s important to hire legal counsel familiar with the personal injury statutes of Las Vegas and the state of Nevada. A good attorney can represent you remotely and keep you informed as your case progresses. If you are able to settle the claim, you may not need to travel back and forth between your home and Las Vegas to recover compensation for your damages.

Q: How Much Is My Personal Injury Claim Worth in Las Vegas?

A: The total value of any personal injury case in Las Vegas depends on the nature, scope, and severity of the damages the plaintiff suffered. Nevada law grants the plaintiff the ability to seek full compensation for all the economic losses they suffered in the incident, and they can also seek compensation for the pain and suffering they experienced. Your Las Vegas personal injury attorney can estimate your claim’s total potential value and maximize your final case award.

Q: How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Attorney for a Las Vegas Personal Injury Claim?

A: Easton & Easton can represent your personal injury case on a contingency fee basis. This means you will not pay any legal fees unless your attorney wins your case, and you will only pay a percentage of the total amount recovered. If your attorney cannot obtain compensation for your damages for any reason, there is no fee at all. This billing policy ensures you are able to recover fair compensation for your losses without your legal expenses overshadowing your final case award.

Easton & Easton can provide the legal counsel you need after a personal injury in Las Vegas. Our firm has helped many past clients recover from all types of personal injuries in the area, and we know what it will take to help you recover. The sooner you reach out to our firm, the sooner we can begin guiding you to the recovery you deserve. Contact us today and schedule your consultation to learn more about how we can assist with your recovery efforts.