What is appropriate safety gear for California motorcyclists?

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California motorcycles are not necessarily designed for safety, at least not in the same sense as other motor vehicles. It is no secret that a motorcycle simply does not offer the rider much protection against an impact with another vehicle or with any object. Likewise, road obstacles that would be minor for other vehicles, such as pot holes and uneven pavement, can pose substantial risks to motorcyclists.

That said, it does not mean that Orange County motorcycle enthusiasts should do nothing when it comes to safety. Obeying all traffic laws and concentrating on the road at all times, is probably the most important way that riders can maximize their own safety. In addition, wearing safety gear can also help to keep motorcyclists safe while riding. This begs the question of what is appropriate safety gear when it comes to riding a motorcycle.

According to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, which is a non-profit group that promotes motorcycle safety, the single most important piece of safety equipment is a motorcyclist’s helmet. California law also requires motorcyclists to wear a helmet when riding. To ensure that the helmet is as safe as possible, riders should choose one that complies with the standards set forth by the Department of Transportation.

Aside from a helmet, other pieces of safety equipment are important. Ear protection can prevent long-term hearing damage from engine and wind noise. Even if a rider has some ear protection through their helmet, ear plugs can add protection without inhibiting the rider’s ability to hear horns and sirens around them.

Face protection is also important and while windshields and eyeglasses can help, they are not as protective as a face shield. A face shield can protect the rider from insects and rocks that might bounce over or get blown around a windshield. Other pieces of riding gear that can help to keep a motorcyclist safe include riding suits, gloves, jackets and footwear.

Motorcycle accidents often result in serious injuries like broken bones or head injury. Wearing appropriate gear can help a rider minimize their injuries from an accident or from dangerous road conditions.

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