What expenses can pile up after a minor car accident?

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Orange County drivers should understand the risks of being involved in an accident when they get behind the wheel of their vehicle. According to data from the insurance industry, on average, a driver will file claims related to motor vehicle accidents about once every 18 years. Moreover, data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that over 10 million auto accidents occur in the United States every year, which comes out to more than 27,000 per day. Again, this highlights the risk of any average driver being involved in an accident on any given day.

When a fatal car accident occurs, the total costs are simply undefinable. Although lawyers and financial experts can find a way to sum up financial costs, like lost future wages and pain and suffering, no amount of money can replace the loss of a loved one. On the other end of the spectrum, are there any costs related to less serious accidents?

Just because a car accident does not cause fatal or serious injuries, or even a completely wrecked vehicle, does not mean that the expenses will not still pile up. For example, even a minor car accident will likely require some repairs to one or all of the vehicles involved. These repairs can quickly become expensive.

Another source of financial costs from minor accidents can be medical expenses. A precautionary trip to the emergency room and any follow-up doctor’s visits can add up to a hefty bill. Moreover, the extent of some accident injuries might not be immediately apparent following the accident. Neck and back pains can persist for months or even years, requiring even more medical attention.

The NHTSA figures show that the total costs of auto accidents come out to roughly $871 billion per year in the U.S. That staggering amount includes damages from less serious accidents. Regardless of whether a person is involved in a severe or minor accident, victims and their families should look into all of their legal rights for getting compensation.

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