What damages can you seek after a car accident?

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It only takes seconds to change your life and sometimes, it changes forever. You may not have even known what was about to happen, until you heard the crunch of metal and felt the impact. The entire accident could have taken place before you even realized what happened.

Perhaps you suffered serious injuries and face a significant recovery period. During that time, you may incur a substantial amount of medical expenses; you could lose income and sustain other damages as well. You may be considering filing a personal injury claim against the driver you believe responsible for the collision, but you want to know what damages you might be able to seek first.

You might be entitled to one or more of these damages

Below are some examples of damages commonly sought by drivers in the wake of car crashes:

  • The medical expenses incurred as a direct result of the injuries suffered in the accident.
  • Future medical expenses for ongoing medical treatment.
  • Damages for lost income.
  • Damages for losses in earning capacity.
  • Damages for the mental anguish and pain and suffering caused by the accident.
  • Compensation related to getting permanently disabled or disfigured.
  • Damages for loss of enjoyment of activities one engaged in prior to the crash.

These are just some of the auto accident damages that might, depending on circumstances, be able to be pursued through a personal injury claim. Your spouse, and possibly other family members, might be able to claim other damages as well.

You may need more information and support

More than likely, you still have questions regarding your case and may benefit from support in filing your claim. In order to determine what damages you may pursue in your particular circumstances under California law, it may be a good idea to make use of local legal resources. These cases can become complex, and having the right advice and assistance could be very helpful in attempts to get the compensation you deserve.

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