We know how to prove the cause of a truck accident

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Driving a tractor trailer throughout the country is a job that comes with great responsibility. These large commercial vehicles can weigh up to 80,000 pounds when fully loaded, and most other vehicles on the road are a fraction of their size. Thus, the driver must have the proper training and experience, along with a commercial license, before taking the wheel of such a large vehicle.

Like commercial truck drivers, the companies that own fleets of trucks also have a substantial responsibility. They must do their part to ensure that the trucks are all properly maintained and are operating with all of the appropriate safety equipment. Moreover, truck companies must not pressure their drivers to work too many consecutive hours or to overload their trucks with too much cargo.

Truck drivers and truck companies also must follow all state and federal trucking regulations. For a variety of reasons, however, this doesn’t always happen. No matter the reason, when a driver or truck company violates a regulation, they are jeopardizing the safety of others. The same is true if a driver fails to operate the vehicle in accordance with all traffic control devices.

The attorneys at Easton and Easton have seen the devastating injuries and property damage that an overloaded or poorly maintained truck can cause. Our firm fights for victims of fatal commercial truck accidents as well as those who suffer serious injuries in such wrecks. Just as a truck that is too heavy or on the verge of breaking down is a danger, we also know that a drunk truck driver, a sleepy one, or one that doesn’t follow traffic signs and signals can cause horrible consequences for others on California’s roadways.

Following a truck accident, our Orange County law firm can sort through the details of the accident and find out whether the trucker or truck company may have contributed to causing the accident. Our firm’s website is a good resource for people who need to get some more information about the legal aspects of these kinds of cases.

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