Vizio recalls televisions for manufacturing defect

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Many Orange County residents probably remember a time when big-screen televisions were huge contraptions that were very expensive to buy and difficult to move from room to room. During the past decade or so, technological advances have made both big and small televisions much more portable and less expensive. However, even the latest and greatest flat screen televisions can still break, cause other damage, or even injure individuals if they fall from a wall or from their stands.

Vizio, which makes a variety of flat screen televisions, recently announced that it is recalling three of its models that it sold during the past seven months. Vizio said that it was recalling the televisions because they were at risk of tipping over. The recall involves a total of 245,000 televisions.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission further explained that the Vizio models in question had a manufacturing defect in the television stand, which could cause the units to tip. A TV that is prone to tipping is a danger to anyone in the area, especially small children. Although today’s TVs are lighter than older versions, they are still heavy enough to cause severe injuries if one were to fall on a child.

Nobody expects to get injured by a product that they use on a daily basis, like a television. But product defects cause far too many injuries and deaths to people in California and throughout the country. In this case, customers have so far reported 51 incidents with the Vizio televisions, but luckily, none have caused injuries.

When a product does cause an injury, the manufacturer or seller has legal liability for the damages that result. Regardless of whether a product is dangerous because of its design or its assembly, anyone who suffers injury from an unsafe product has legal rights against the manufacturer and the seller. Likewise, when the loss of a loved is caused by a dangerous product, the family members can pursue legal claims.

Source: Headlines & Global News, “Vizio Recalls 245K Flat Screen TVs For Defective Stands,” Sam Lehman, Aug. 8, 2014

Source: Headlines & Global News, “Vizio Recalls 245K Flat Screen TVs For Defective Stands,” Sam Lehman, Aug. 8, 2014

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