Types of injuries suffered in a car accident

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In California, residents throughout the state rely on motor vehicles to get around. Whether it is a personal vehicle or a form of public transportation, a wide variety of vehicles share the roadways. While it is possible to get to and from locations without issue, a motorist could also be faced with a negligent driver. In most cases, the effects of a negligent driver are unavoidable; thus, resulting in a serious or fatal automobile collision.

The types of injuries suffered and the severity of the crash often depends on the type of car accident that occurs. Although automobile crashes can cause pain and suffering in a wide range of ways, there are some fairly common injuries suffered by an accident victim.

The most serious types of injuries are frequently those that involve the neck and back. When a person’s head suffers trauma, whether it is in a rear-end collision or a head-on crash, this could greatly impact the victim’s brain. A traumatic brain injury or injury to the back or spine could severely impact a victim. One’s mental and cognitive abilities could be impaired, creating the need for ongoing medical care.

A car accident victim could also suffer injuries to the neck and chest. Whiplash is common injury suffered by those involved in a rear-end collision. Additionally, the chest could suffer injuries when an occupant is thrown in a steering wheel, the dash or any other hard surface within the vehicle. One should note that not matter the severity of the physical injuries suffered, one may also suffer emotional distress.

Whether it is a minor fender bender or a fatal head-on collision, victims of a car accident should understand their rights and options. A civil action could help a victim offset the harms caused by the crash. Through a personal injury action, a victim could recover compensation for the injuries suffered, and loved ones of a deceased victim could file a wrongful death suit to recover losses caused by the crash.

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