Anaheim is a very interesting city, and residents and visitors alike have no shortage of fantastic things to see and do during their time in the Anaheim area. While it’s easy to enjoy the sights and attractions in Anaheim, there are also many different ways for people to sustain serious injuries in any metropolitan area. Whether you live in Anaheim or are visiting for business or pleasure, it’s vital to know the most popular places in the area and the potential risks you might face.

An experienced Anaheim personal injury attorney can be a great asset if you sustain any kind of injury due to another party’s actions during your time in Anaheim. At Easton & Easton, we want Anaheim’s residents and visitors to know the best places to visit in the area and what to do if they happen to sustain injuries while exploring the Anaheim area.

Theme Parks in Anaheim

Anaheim, California is considered one of the theme park capitals of the world due to the presence of Disneyland and the many attached attractions at Disney, such as the California Adventure Park and the Disneyland Resort. The local economy relies heavily on the jobs and tourism revenue provided by the attractions at Disney. However, theme park cities like Anaheim often experience severe traffic congestion during peak theme park season. The local economy also experiences surges in restaurant patronage, vehicle rental use, and many other services.

Just to the west of the city of Anaheim is another very popular California theme park, Knott’s Berry Farm. In addition to a host of theme park rides and attractions, Knott’s Berry Farm also serves fried chicken that is famous statewide and provides a wide range of amenities aimed at families.

All the activity generated by theme parks presents many different potential risks of injury, including at the parks themselves. Theme park injuries could be due to defective rides, improperly marked hazards, and many other possible causes. Such incidents may involve catastrophic injuries like brain trauma or broken bones. Visitors to the Anaheim area are also more likely to experience traffic accidents as they are unfamiliar with local roads, and popular tourist destinations often experience heavy traffic congestion.

Legal Options for Theme Park Injuries

Whenever a patron suffers an injury at a theme park due to a hazard that should have been avoided or addressed, the theme park is liable for the victim’s damages. Many theme parks require guests to sign release of liability waivers that state the park is not responsible for any injuries the guests sustain due to failure to abide by park rules. However, if the park fails to meet applicable safety regulations and a guest suffers an injury, such a waiver will likely not hold up in court.

Some theme park injuries pertain to mild slip and fall injuries that result in minimal damages, while malfunctioning rides can cause catastrophic or even fatal injuries. When these incidents occur, theme parks are typically eager to settle victims’ legal claims as quickly and quietly as possible to preserve their reputation. Even mega-corporations like Disney are willing to negotiate a settlement when they are clearly at fault for a guest’s injury.

An experienced Anaheim personal injury attorney can help an injured theme park guest determine the best options for securing compensation after their client has suffered an injury at a theme park. Victims may incur significant medical expenses, lose income from missing time at work while they recover, and experience compounded financial difficulties due to their injury. It’s essential to seek legal counsel as soon as possible in this situation for the best chance of securing the settlement you need.

Other Potential Legal Issues You Might Encounter in Anaheim

Spending time in any major metropolitan area carries an inherent risk of injury. It is impossible to predict when or where an injury might occur, but there are some situations where injury is more likely. Some incidents that lead to civil actions in the Anaheim area include:

  • Traffic accidents caused by DUI or negligence. These incidents can lead to civil and criminal penalties for the driver responsible.
  • Slip and fall accidents. These injuries may occur when property owners fail to take care of their properties.
  • Wrongful deaths. When a victim who could have filed a personal injury claim dies from their injury, their family has the right to file a wrongful death claim on their behalf.

If you need legal counsel following a recent injury, contact Easton & Easton to schedule a consultation and learn more about your legal options.