Teen reality TV star involved in three-car accident in California

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Reality television personality Kylie Jenner was allegedly involved in a three-car accident recently when she was driving a new SUV around her California neighborhood. The 16-year-old newly licensed driver apparently asked the other people involved in the crash if they were alright but departed the scene of the accident before police arrived.

As many readers are aware, teen drivers are the most at risk for being involved in a car accident. This is because teens lack the experience necessary to avoid some hazards, and also because teens tend to be more susceptible to distractions while they are behind the wheel. It is not clear what happened in this case that caused the accident, but the actions of the driver after the accident in leaving the scene show that inexperience may have played a part.

Whenever an accident occurs and there is property damage or possible injuries, it is essential that the driver remain at the scene to assist in an investigation of the accident. In many cases accident victims might not be immediately aware of injuries that they have suffered because of the shock of the event, so medical treatment is often necessary to make sure that they have not suffered from whiplash or another type of spinal cord injury.

In this case no injuries were immediately reported but sources indicate that there was signficant property damage to both cars that were hit by Jenner’s vehicle.

Typically when a driver is at fault for property damage they are liable for compensating the impacted parties so that they can fix or replace the damaged property.


Source: International Business Times, “Kylie Jenner Car Accident: Kardashian Sister Crashes $125,000 Mercedes SUV,” Amethyst Tate, Aug. 29, 2013.

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