Teen motorcyclist struck, seriously injured by motor vehicle

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Motorcyclists are at a serious disadvantage compared to drivers of motor vehicles. This is because any collision or near-collision can put them in immediate bodily danger. Motor vehicle drivers can be injured in an accident, but they often aren’t in as much danger as those involved in a motorcycle accident .

A recent motorcycle accident occurred in Fresno. The young motorcyclist was traveling southbound on Newcomb Street when a vehicle driven by an older male turned northbound at Newcomb from Memory Lane. The collision threw the motorcyclist from his bike, causing serious injuries.

An investigation into the incident by the local police department concluded that the motorcyclist was traveling the speed limit at the time of the accident. He has been listed in critical condition at a local hospital. The male driver of the vehicle and his passengers were not injured in the incident.

Inattentive drivers may mean no ill-will, but their failure to drive extra carefully can result in another’s injury, as is the case in many cases involving motorcyclists. Due the nature of the two wheel vehicles, their operators are in particular danger of serious injury should a collision occur. Victims and their families likely have many questions about the events that led up to their loved one’s accident injuries. Hopefully, victims are able to pull through and not succumb to injuries.

Even so, rehabilitation can be long and arduous, even with the best medical care. Attorneys are available to help victims and their families pursue compensation for medical bills and other costs associated with motorcycle accidents.

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