Police: Car sideswiped San Bernardino motorcycle officer

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Auto accidents on California roads are all too common, and motorcycle riders often suffer some of the most severe injuries during collisions. Many fatal motorcycle accidents occur when larger vehicles cause riders to lose control of their bikes, and the reality is that any motorcyclist, regardless of experience and ability, could suddenly suffer serious injuries in a crash.

In early May, an off-duty police officer with the city of San Bernardino police department was reportedly sideswiped by a car as he rode his motorcycle en route to an Orange County repair shop. According to reports, when the 30-year-old officer was struck by a vehicle merging into the carpool lane, the impact threw him from the bike and across the center divider of the 91 Freeway.

The officer was then struck by an oncoming vehicle, the driver of which reportedly tried to stop but was unable to do so in time. The injured officer died at the scene.

The accident was still under investigation at the time of a local report, and no information was revealed about the driver who allegedly sideswiped the officer.

The repercussions of a fatal auto accident can affect families for generations. If you have lost a loved one because of another driver’s negligence, then it is extremely important that you understand your rights. Medical bills, final expenses, lost wages and the sheer grief resulting from the loss of a loved one can take an enormous toll on a family, and those trying to cope in the wake of a fatal crash may be entitled to financial relief.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, “Off-Duty San Bernardino Police Officer Killed In Crash On 91 Freeway,” May 1, 2014

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