Overloaded trucks are dangerous

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Trucks that travel throughout California are subject to legal weight limits on how much they can haul at one time. It is up to truck drivers and their companies to know what these limits are and to make sure that their loads fall under them. But, they can receive special permission to transport heavier items.

Some truckers may be tempted to try and get around these rules, or ignore them outright. In the interest of being able to turn a higher profit, they must resist this temptation. Not only is violating weight limits illegal, it also raises important safety concerns.

An overloaded truck can be an accident waiting to happen for many reasons. For one, the heavier the truck, the longer it takes to stop. A driver of an overloaded truck, even if he or she is able to hit the brakes immediately, the driver may not be able to avoid a rear-end accident because of the excessive truck weight.

Moreover, overweight truckers are more prone to jackknifing or rolling over on their sides in the event of a sudden stop or swerve. Even if the weight itself does not cause a driver to lose control, too much weight also puts extra pressure on the truck’s tires, increasing the likelihood of a dangerous tire blowout.

Truck drivers and their companies must follow the weight limit rules, and make sure that their cargo is correctly and safely loaded. If they do not do so, then they may cause a serious truck accident. A victim of this type of accident may be eligible to receive compensation from both the truck driver and the trucking company.

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