Orange, Los Angeles counties have most fatal car accidents

2022-01-05T18:01:11+00:00May 11th, 2018|

According to the latest numbers from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, which date from 2016, California accounts for a little over 10 percent of all fatal car accidents in the United States.

This same report also showed that motorists in the southern part of the state are at particular risk for being involved in a deadly auto accident. Specifically, Orange County and Los Angeles County had the fifth most and most fatal car accidents, respectively, among all the counties in California. Other counties in the southern part of this state also ranked high in terms of the number of fatal accidents.

It wasn’t surprising that Los Angeles County topped the list since it is also the most populous county in the state, but it was noteworthy that, over the years, Los Angeles County had on average triple the number of fatal accidents when compared with Riverside County, which had the second most fatalities.

Some people blamed the fact that the area around Los Angeles, Orange County and other surrounding communities have gotten more and more congested with traffic over the years. Others thought that people speeding on the city streets was a pressing issue that was contributing to the high number of fatal accidents.

No matter the reason that they are happening, one would hope that the number of fatal accidents in the area will decrease with stepped up law enforcement, improved roads and other traffic safety initiatives. In the meantime, families of those who die in car accidents should remember that they have the right to pursue compensation from those responsible for the accident.

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