Orange County biker dies from accident injuries

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Bike riders are a common sight all throughout Orange County. Whether a biker is riding through a quiet neighborhood, on any of Orange County’s many bike trails or on a road with motor vehicles, bikers should always do everything that they can to ride safely. People driving their cars, trucks and SUVs must also do their part to ensure the safety of bicyclists on the roadways.

A recent bike accident in Orange County shows just how important it is for drivers to look out for bicyclists. A 55-year-old man was riding his motorized bicycle when a 51-year-old man driving a Mercedes hit the biker.

The accident occurred at about 6:30 p.m. and people in the area immediately called 911 and tried to help the victim. Emergency responders took the 55-year-old rider to UCI Medical Center, where he died from his injuries.

Following the accident, police arrested the 51-year-old for driving under the influence of alcohol. Police were still investigating the accident and asked people in the community to contact investigators if they had any information about the crash.

As this incident highlights, bicyclists who are hit by automobiles have little chance of escaping without serious injuries. A bicycle, motorized or not, is simply no match for a much larger and more powerful motor vehicle. Moreover, even a helmet and pads cannot adequately protect bicyclists from a crash with a car or truck.

Any time a biker is hit by a negligent driver, including one that is driving while intoxicated, the biker can pursue legal action against the driver. Through a personal injury lawsuit, accident victims can get monetary compensation for accident-related expenses. Similarly, if the biker dies from the accident, a representative of the estate can file a wrongful death action against the negligent party.

Source: Orange County Register, “Bicyclist identified in fatal Huntington Beach crash,” Salvador Hernandez, Sept. 2, 2014

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