Orange County bicyclist killed in accident

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A bicyclist who was trying to cross the street in Aliso Viejo, a community in Orange County, California, died after a motorist struck and killed him. According to reports, the driver attempted to leave the scene of the accident.

However, witnesses were able to get a description of the vehicle that hit the bicyclist. As a result, police were able to track down both the suspect vehicle and the vehicle’s driver. Police arrested the suspect after locating him.

Authorities are continuing to investigate this fatal bike accident and have even asked for the public to come forward with information if they saw the accident or its aftermath.

Nevertheless, this story should serve as an important reminder to all drivers in Orange County that they need to be on the lookout for bicyclists, particularly since our part of the country has weather that is very suitable for biking most months of the year.

For example, bicyclist may walk their bikes or ride them through an intersection or within a pedestrian crosswalk. Bicyclists are naturally harder to see since they are on a small vehicle, but it is therefore all the more reason for drivers to slow down and pay attention.

If they do not do so, then they cause a serious or even fatal bicycle accident for which they can be held financially responsible.

Another aspect to this story is that the family of the bicyclist is lucky that police caught the driver. In many cases, families are left not knowing who killed their loved one because the responsible driver took off from the scene. Compensation may still be available in these circumstances, but obtaining it could take the help of an experienced wrongful death attorney.

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