No celebration should end in injury from unsafe products

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Just a few days ago, people all throughout Orange County and across the United States celebrated the country’s independence. Every year, the Fourth of July brings Independence Day parades, parties and special concerts. Of course, fireworks are also a popular component of many Independence Day celebrations.

Many people enjoy watching the impressive and expensive fireworks shows that larger communities put on through the help of professional fireworks companies. However, other people are not satisfied by merely watching the professional shows. Instead, they want to set off their own fireworks.

People who set off their own fireworks may be risking serious injuries. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, fireworks sent thousands of people to the emergency room last year during the month around July 4th. More than half of these injuries involved burns, which is not surprising, given that popular fireworks like sparklers burn at roughly 2,000 degrees.

Although fireworks involve inherent dangers, this does not mean that manufacturers and sellers have no obligations when it comes to safety. For example, if a negligent manufacturer produces faulty fireworks, people who are injured by the unsafe product may be able to pursue legal options for recovering damages.

In any products liability case, a person can seek compensation if they can show that they were injured from the product while using it in a reasonably foreseeable manner and that the product was defective. This is true whether the product in question is fireworks or a home appliance.

Suffering an injury from a defective product is no way to spend a holiday or any other day of the year. Victims and their families should understand their rights for pursuing legal action, including a wrongful death lawsuit.

Source: Consumer Product Safety Commission, “Fireworks Information Center,” Accessed June 29, 2015

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