Negligent drivers compromise safety, especially for bicyclists

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Bicycling can be a wonderful way to get exercise, to enjoy Orange County’s beautiful weather, and to relieve stress. Furthermore, bicycling can be a good means of daily transportation to and from work or school. In some parts of the country, including California, certain groups of people advocate bicycling as a way to cut down on carbon emissions and to help the environment.

No matter the reason why a person rides a bike, safety should always be their number one concern. Moreover, drivers in motor vehicles must understand that they may be sharing the roadway with bicyclists. In Orange County, for example, many streets have specially designated bike lanes. Drivers in other vehicles must be cognizant of bikers in these lanes so that they don’t turn into the biker’s path of travel or do anything else that might cause an accident.

At Easton and Easton, we know how easily a negligent driver can cause a devastating accident with a bicyclist. Bike accidents involving motor vehicles rarely end well for the rider; a bicycle is simply not built to protect the rider and to withstand an impact with an automobile.

Bicyclists who are hit by automobiles may be able to pursue legal action against the driver of another vehicle who causes an injurious accident. We know how to help bicyclists present their claims so they might have a chance to collect much needed compensation for medical expenses and other damages like lost wages.

Bicyclists and their families should not have to suffer the devastating financial consequences of a bike accident, particularly when the crash occurs at the hands of a careless driver. Therefore, it may be wise for those who have been hurt in such wreck to consider their legal options. For more information on how we have helped others in this kind of situation, visit our webpage.

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