Nearby Laguna Beach takes steps to reduce bike accidents

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Bicyclists and pedestrians are particularly vulnerable in accidents with automobiles. Since they are left largely unprotected, even the smallest of collisions can lead to injuries and even death. In response to four deaths of this nature in 2014, nearby Laguna Beach launched a campaign aimed at eliminating traffic accident fatalities for bicyclists and pedestrians.

The campaign appears to have been a success, as there were no traffic fatalities of that nature in 2016. According to police, education has been extremely helpful in preventing accidents.

The good news for 2016 is all the more striking in light of the bad news from the previous year. Deaths and injuries of pedestrians and bicyclists hit by automobiles were widespread in 2015, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Deaths rose nationwide, up 12 percent from the year before.

Laguna Beach is also an anomaly in Orange County itself. The county coroner reported that last year, 14 bicyclists died in Orange County. Even more shocking, 85 pedestrians died in 2016. Laguna Beach unveiled their “Look to Live” campaign that passes out reflective bracelets to pedestrians and bicyclists. There have been over 20,000 passed out to date.

Unfortunately, there is little that bicyclists or pedestrians can do to protect themselves from a careless or inattentive driver. If you were injured in a bicycle or pedestrian accident caused by a negligent driver, you may seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and other damages through a personal injury lawsuit. An attorney with experience in personal injury law can help you understand your legal options.

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