California Motorcycle Accident Victims Have Legal Rights

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Before anyone rides a motorcycle on California’s roadways, they should consider the potential dangers that are involved and get proper training on riding safely. Although motorcycle accidents may not be any more common than accidents involving other types of vehicles, the injuries to motorcyclists can be far worse than what people in larger vehicles suffer in similar accidents.

Head injuries and broken bones are among the more severe kinds of injuries that riders can suffer in a motorcycle accident. Wearing a helmet, which all riders must do to comply with California law, can give a rider a better chance at surviving a motorcycle accident, but a helmet cannot prevent all serious injuries.

The attorneys at Easton & Easton have substantial experience representing motorcycle accident victims in Orange County, CA. We understand that even if a motorcyclist survives a serious accident, they could be facing months or even years of costly medical treatments and rehabilitation. The website for our Orange County-based law firm includes some examples of how we have helped prior accident victims.

When a negligent person in another motor vehicle causes an accident with a motorcycle, the motorcyclist does not have to shoulder the burden of all of the accident-related expenses. Easton & Easton can help victims recover compensation from all negligent parties who caused the accident. Moreover, we aggressively pursue all available damages for our clients.

Motorcycle accidents can occur for a variety of reasons, many of which are no fault of the rider. Victims and their families should fully understand their legal options and how to go about moving forward with an injury claim. Although riding a motorcycle involves some unavoidable dangers, that doesn’t mean that a rider has no legal rights when they suffer an injury in a motorcycle accident.

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