No road or intersection is entirely safe. Accidents happen all the time on all kinds of roads. Old, unkempt roads. Newly built roads. Hidden shortcuts. Gargantuan highways. All roads hold the possibility of a car accident in Reno, but some have a greater potential for them than others. Reno is a big tourist destination, which makes it a prime location for travelers, drunk drivers, and pedestrians who may be unfamiliar with the city’s layout. Here are some of the most dangerous roads and intersections in Reno, NV.

Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Reno, NV

Reno Car Accident Statistics

According to a 2020 report by the Nevada Department of Transportation, there were over 237,000 car accidents reported in Reno alone between 2016 and 2020. Of those 237,000, over 135,000 only involved property damage, while over 100,000 resulted in an injury. Around 40% of Reno’s total car accidents result in someone sustaining an injury. Between 2015 and 2020, there were 115 fatal car accidents that occurred in Reno. If you have been involved in a car accident in Reno, reach out to an experienced personal injury lawyer in Reno.

Car accidents in Reno happen every day, and one of the leading causes of the city’s frequent car accidents is youth. Most of the city’s crashes are caused by inexperienced drivers who are aged 16 to 20, as this age group is the most likely to become distracted while driving.

Distracted driving remains the leading cause of most car accidents in the United States, but it is not just teenagers who get distracted. Any driver, regardless of their age, runs the risk of succumbing to distracted driving. It only takes a second for your eyes to wander away from the windshield, and a lot can happen in that second.

The Most Dangerous Roads in Reno

Nevada is a beautiful state with some of the most breathtaking scenery in the country. Its gorgeous towns, impressive tourist destinations, and natural land formations make it a popular vacation spot for visitors around the world. However, due to the large number of tourists, many of whom are unfamiliar with the state’s highways and intersections, Nevada has quite a few dangerous roads. Here are some of the more dangerous spots that are located in and around the bustling hub of Reno:

  • Mount Rose Highway: Mount Rose Highway is a roughly 25-mile stretch of road that goes from Reno to Lake Tahoe. It is very steep, difficult to navigate, and filled with sharp curves that wind up to the summit of Mount Rose. While already quite difficult to drive along, it can get even worse during the winter months, when the road is caked in snow and ice.
  • The Spaghetti Bowl: There is an unusually structured stretch of highway in the center of Reno that was constructed in the early 1970s. Due to its unique shape, it has garnered the nickname of “The Spaghetti Bowl.” Resting between Route 80 and Route 580, the Spaghetti Bowl is often congested and very confusing to drivers who are not locals.

It wasn’t until a 2021 renovation that many of the on-ramps were brought up to code. In the past, there have been a significant number of crashes per year on just this section of road.


Q: What Areas Should One Avoid in Reno, Nevada?

A: Simply for your own peace and security, you may want to try avoiding some of the more overly congested or inherently dangerous roadways in Reno, such as the Mount Rose Highway, the infamous Spaghetti Bowl, or the Virginia Street/US-395 BUS, the busiest and most dangerous highway in the city. Statistically, if you remain vigilant behind the wheel and do not succumb to any distractions, there is no reason why you should not be perfectly fine visiting Reno.

Q: What Is the Most Dangerous Highway in Nevada?

A: According to the most recent data from the Nevada Department of Transportation, the most dangerous highway in the state of Nevada is the Boulder Highway, known more formally as State Route 582, particularly the area between East Sahara Avenue and Missouri Avenue. There have been more fatal accidents in the past few years on this stretch of road than any other in the state of Nevada. It may be wise to try to avoid this particular area of the road just to be extra safe.

Q: What Is the Safest Part of Reno?

A: There are several areas of Reno that are known for being safe and secure, particularly for families. In general, the crime rate in Reno is 39.54 per 1,000 people. Residents of Reno consider the west part of the city to be the safest, while South Reno, Northwest Reno, and Southwest Reno are all known for being relatively crime-free, friendly, and safe for families. Overall, Reno is considered locally to be a safe, enjoyable place to live.

Q: How Can I Avoid a Car Accident in Reno?

A: The easiest way to avoid a car accident in Reno is to constantly stay alert while driving. Try your hardest to avoid distractions, keep your focus on the road ahead of you, and be aware of what the other drivers are doing. While you may consider yourself to be a top-quality driver with no accident record, the same may not be said for everybody else around you. Do what you can to avoid becoming another accident statistic.

Accidents Can Happen, So Reach Out to a Lawyer

Being involved in a car accident can be an annoying inconvenience, a tragic nightmare, or anything in between. Reno is considered largely safe by the local residents, but it has some of the deadliest stretches of road throughout the state of Nevada. Accidents happen in Reno all the time and if one happens to you, it is important for you to protect yourself.

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