Los Angeles is one of the busiest metropolitan areas in the United States, and the city is notorious for being one of the most difficult places in the country for drivers. Not only do millions of motorists make their way through Los Angeles every day, but the traffic patterns are exceedingly complex in some areas. While accidents are possible on any road, there are a few intersections in Los Angeles that rank the highest when it comes to accident rates in the area.

Whether you live in Los Angeles or plan to visit the area and drive during your stay, it is important to know the highest-risk areas in terms of your chances of having an accident. A few intersections in Los Angeles consistently report very high accident rates, and it’s wise to avoid these areas during peak traffic hours if at all possible.

Most Dangerous Intersections in Los Angeles, CA (2023)

Highest Risk Intersections in Los Angeles

According to recent accident data for Los Angeles County, the five most dangerous intersections in Los Angeles are:

  1. East Manchester Avenue and Avalon Boulevard.
  2. West Manchester Avenue and South Vermont Avenue.
  3. Victory Boulevard and Lindley Avenue.
  4. West Manchester Avenue and Normandie Avenue.
  5. South Vermont Avenue and West Florence Avenue. This intersection consistently reports some of the highest accident rates of any intersection in Los Angeles.

About 200 people die in fatal traffic accidents within Los Angeles each year, and over the past several years, the overall accident rate and accident fatality rate have risen sharply.

What to Do After a Car Accident in Los Angeles

If you are involved in an accident in Los Angeles, it’s important to know what you will need to do to recover your damages. If another driver is liable for the accident, you have the right to seek accountability and compensation for your losses. An experienced Los Angeles car accident attorney is a valuable asset in this situation, as your recovery is likely to require both an insurance claim and a personal injury suit against the at-fault driver.

California law requires drivers to report all accidents resulting in property damage, injury, or death. Once you have reported your accident and first responders have arrived, your health and safety should be your primary concern, so see a doctor even if you think you only suffered minor injuries. It’s a good idea to consult an attorney as soon as you can so they can begin guiding you through the recovery process.

Every driver in California must have auto insurance, but insurance alone might not fully cover your losses. Your Los Angeles car accident attorney can help file your claim, resolve any disputes that arise between you and the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier, and help determine your next steps to take after the insurance claim process if you have outstanding damages.


Q: How Do Accidents Happen in Intersections in Los Angeles?

A: Human error is the leading cause of all traffic accidents in California, and many types of errors and intentional moving violations result in all kinds of intersection accidents in Los Angeles each year. Distraction behind the wheel, improper lane changes, illegal turns, and running red lights and stop signs are just some of the most common causes of intersection accidents. If you need help proving the exact cause of your recent accident, it is important to consult an attorney you can trust.

Q: What Is the Busiest Intersection in Los Angeles?

A: The East Los Angeles Interchange is not only the busiest traffic intersection in Los Angeles but one of the busiest in the entire world. Roughly a half million vehicles pass through this intersection every day. Some of the other busiest intersections in Los Angeles include Wilshire Boulevard and Veteran Avenue, Highland Avenue and Sunset Boulevard, and Highland Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard.

Q: How Can I Avoid Accidents in Dangerous Los Angeles Intersections?

A: While you cannot always predict the actions of other drivers, you can limit your own risk of causing a serious accident by driving defensively, maintaining situational awareness at all times, and avoiding driving during peak traffic hours, if possible. Defensive and attentive driving significantly lowers your risk of causing an accident, but if an accident happens because of another driver’s actions, you should consult an attorney to determine your recovery options.

Q: How Do I Prove Liability for an Accident at an Intersection in Los Angeles?

A: Most of the busiest intersections in Los Angeles are equipped with sensors, cameras, and other safety features. If you were seriously hurt in an accident and do not recall how your accident happened, or if liability for a crash is unclear for any other reason, traffic camera recordings can be invaluable to your recovery efforts. Your attorney can help secure copies of the camera footage from the area, and they can help identify witnesses who saw the accident happen.

Q: Do I Need to Hire an Attorney After a Car Accident in Los Angeles?

A: Technically, no. You are not legally required to hire an attorney after a car accident. However, hiring legal counsel that you can trust significantly improves your chances of success with your recovery efforts. Your attorney can help secure as much compensation as possible through the insurance claim process, and if the at-fault driver does not have enough insurance coverage to fully repay your damages, they can help file a personal injury claim. You are more likely to succeed with both of these recovery options when you have a reliable attorney assisting you.

The attorneys at Easton & Easton have years of professional experience helping our clients in Los Angeles through all types of personal injury cases. We know how stressful and uncertain the aftermath of any serious car accident can be and the many pressing legal questions you could face as you seek compensation for your losses. When you choose our firm to represent you, you are investing in a responsive legal advocate ready to provide the ongoing support and reassurance you need to approach your case with confidence. Contact us today to learn more about the legal services we offer and find out how we can empower your recovery efforts.