Los Angles passes transportation plan to increase bike traffic

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In Los Angles, a city known for its freeways and traffic congestion, finding an easy way to get from one place to another is key. While some people may rely on public transportation, or specific driving routes, other people prefer to use their own body as transportation. These walkers and bikers have become more and more numerous as gas prices have soared and congestion has thickened.

However, some people would agree that the city has not kept up with this increased demand for alternative modes of transportation. Many would argue that Los Angeles is missing the bicycle lanes and pedestrian walkways that such a large city requires.

Hopefully this will soon be a problem of the past. According to news reports, the city has recently passed a comprehensive 20 year transportation plan. Under this plan, called the Mobility Plan 2035, an addition 300 miles of bicycle lanes will be added around the city. Additionally, this plan hopes to reduce the number of bicycle accident fatalities, and increase foot travel around the city.

Opponents of the plan say that this plan will increase congestion on already crowded streets by taking up valuable space. However, the plan is supposed to reduce car travel by 1.7 million miles per day.

As the city changes to accommodate bike traffic, bikers should know that they have legal rights. Like other forms of traffic, bikers have the right to use the streets safely. If a negligent driver causes a bicycle accident, the driver may be held financially responsible for damages caused by the accident. These damages might include lost wages, medical expenses and pain and suffering.

Source: Star Tribune, “Los Angeles City Council approves 20-year transportation plan adding miles of bike lanes,” Aug. 11, 2015

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