Labor Day shouldn’t be about remembering auto accident victims

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All throughout Orange County, children are heading back to school as the summer vacation is coming to an end. Although summer does not technically end until later in September, the Labor Day holiday typically marks the unofficial end of summer. In addition to marking the last days of summer, Labor Day is meant to honor the country’s working people. Thus, the national holiday typically means a day off of work or school.

Like other holidays, many people choose to celebrate their day off of work by gathering with friends and family for one last summer party. However, too many people take the partying too far and make irresponsible choices while under the influence of alcohol. Getting behind the wheel of a car is one of the worst of these choices.

Driving while under the influence of alcohol is never a good idea because it endangers the driver and everyone else on the road around him or her. The risks can be compounded during times like Labor Day weekend when automobile traffic is particularly heavy. Although police in the Orange County area tend to step up their drunk driving enforcement efforts during these times of the year, they cannot get every drunk driver off the road.

Losing a loved one to a fatal drunk driving accident is something that no family should ever have to go through. The lawyers at our firm have handled the aftermath of the lethal combination of drinking and driving. We have represented victims and their families and have had occasion to aggressively go after negligent people who cause harm to other people on the roadways.

Drinking and driving is not the only form of negligence that can lead to deadly auto accidents, but it is one that is especially prevalent during Labor Day and other holidays. Our website includes resources and information for victims and their family members so that they can learn about asserting their legal rights. Labor Day is a time to honor workers and celebrate the end of summer, it shouldn’t become the anniversary of a family tragedy due to a driver’s poor choices.

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