Despite our best efforts to prevent them, car accidents still happen from time to time. When they do, their damage can range anywhere from a small fender bender to fatalities. Because so much is at stake, communities and their governments do everything possible to keep their roads safe and free of collisions.

Irvine is no exception. With a population of over 300,000, Irvine is one of the most populous cities in Orange County. Though this means a thriving community with endless things to do and see, it also means that car accidents do occur.

Irvine Car Accident Statistics

The number of car accidents varies every year in Irvine. Thankfully, the vast majority of these accidents are not fatal to anyone involved. However, fatalities do occur in Irvine car accidents.

In 2018, a whopping 18 car accident fatalities occurred in Irvine alone, which is 80% higher than the previous year. Thankfully, in 2019 the fatalities fell back to 6. Every year since 1991, Irvine has kept its accident fatality rate lower than the California average. Though this information may seem relatively positive, it is important to remember that any car accident fatalities represent a threat to the community as a whole.

Why Do Irvine Car Accidents Happen?

As with any area, there are several different causes of car accidents in Irvine, California. Some reasons for accidents are out of anyone’s control, whereas others are completely preventable. We’ve outlined the most common causes of car accidents in Irvine, but it is essential to remember that this is not a comprehensive list, and some accidents did occur for other reasons.

Drunk Driving
It is a sad fact of our society that drunk driving still takes so many lives per year. Despite the dangers of driving while impaired, many people believe that they won’t hurt anyone and get behind the wheel anyway. This often leads to accidents, some of which turn out to be fatal.

Orange County as a whole saw 784 deaths or injuries from drunk driving in 2015, for example. Though the exact number varies from year to year, drunk driving always represents a significant percentage of the accidents in Irvine, California.

Distracted Driving
The distractions of our modern world often lead to vehicle accidents. Using a smartphone, adjusting the radio, helping children in the backseat, or taking your eyes off the road for any reason is considered distracted driving. A driver’s number one concern is safely handling the vehicle. Unfortunately, distractions do occur, and they cause a significant amount of Irvine car accidents.

Many people believe that going above the speed limit is no big deal. However, this is not the case. Speed limits are posted for a reason. These speeds have been thoroughly calculated based on the pedestrian traffic, landscape, vehicle traffic, road conditions, and number of stops on any given road. When drivers choose to speed, they are neglecting these considerations and putting themselves and others at risk. Unfortunately, this behavior accounts for a significant amount of Irvine car accidents.

Improper Turns or Signaling
It is essential to properly signal and wait to turn until it is safe to do so. When drivers fail to do this, they run the risk of crashing into others who are following the rules. Signaling is our way of pointing where we are going, making sure that everyone can properly react and drive defensively. Failure to do these things makes driving more complicated and causes some of Irvine’s traffic accidents.

Though these certainly are not the only reasons for accidents in Irvine, they do significantly contribute to the accident statistics every year.

Car Accident Injuries
Fortunately, not all of Irvine’s car accidents result in death. However, many of them do result in injuries. Though the specific injuries will vary based on the situation, there are several common injuries that do occur. These include:

Once again, these are not the only injuries that can occur during an Irvine car accident. However, they are common examples of what can happen if you get into a car accident.

How Can I Prevent Car Accidents in Irvine, CA?

Whether you are driving in Irvine or elsewhere, there are ways that you can help to prevent car accidents from occurring. Though accidents are not always 100% preventable, a few simple habits can lower your risk of getting into a collision.

Some good driving habits to practice include:

  • Always wear a seatbelt. If you do get into a car accident, your seatbelt will drastically reduce your chances of severe injury.
  • Put your phone on silent while you drive. Incoming texts, emails, and calls can serve as a distraction in the car. If you cause an accident because of an incoming notification, police and attorneys can find your phone log and assume that the incoming alert created a distracted driving situation.
  • Always be sure to have sunglasses (and prescription glasses, if applicable) in the car. Proper eyewear can help to increase visibility and reduce the likelihood of an accident.
  • Use your turn signal. Using your turn signal is the least you can do to tell other drivers where you are going. It is simple to do and really reduces the risk of an accident.
  • Practice defensive driving. Try to anticipate hazards and accidents before they happen. By paying attention to the road and watching traffic patterns closely, you will likely be able to defend against accidents.
  • Give yourself time to react. If you follow other cars closely, you do not provide yourself with the luxury of time if something happens. By keeping a safe following distance, you allow yourself time and space to properly react and avoid collision.

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