Huntington Beach is one of the busiest areas in Orange County, California. Like any other metropolitan area in the US, there is an inherent risk of injury from traffic accidents due to the large number of vehicles using Huntington Beach roads each day. While Huntington Beach does not have as high of an accident rate as nearby Anaheim, the city still boasts one of the highest accident rates in all of Orange County.

When drivers experience traffic accidents, they may be left injured with significant property losses. In these situations, they need to seek legal counsel as quickly as possible to ensure the best chance of recovery. An experienced Huntington Beach car accident attorney can provide professional guidance to help an injured driver determine the best approach to handling their recent accident.

Accident Data in Huntington Beach

Anaheim has the highest vehicle accident rate of any metropolitan area in Orange County, with just over 5,000 motor vehicle accidents each year. The accident rate in Huntington Beach is roughly 4,000 per year, significantly lower than the Anaheim accident rate but still indicative of the risk of traffic accidents in the area. Traffic accidents in the Huntington Beach area of California can cause severe injuries and substantial economic losses.

Most of the traffic accidents in the Huntington Beach area result from drivers failing to act with reasonable care. Unfortunately, some drivers are aggressive, distracted, or under the influence of alcohol or drugs when they operate their vehicles, putting others at grave risk of injury. It’s crucial to understand your legal rights when you have suffered losses due to a negligent driver’s actions.

How Do Accidents Happen in Huntington Beach, CA?

When traffic accidents occur resulting in injuries and economic losses, those injured may have grounds for legal action against the driver or drivers responsible for causing these incidents. Some of the ways in which accidents happen that most commonly lead to civil claims in Huntington Beach, CA include:

  • Driving under the influence (DUI). This can not only lead to serious accidents resulting in civil damages but also criminal prosecution for the driver responsible for causing the accident. California state prosecutors aggressively pursue convictions for DUI arrests.
  • Aggressive driving. Unfortunately, many drivers do not exercise reasonable care while on the road. Speeding, swerving, and changing lanes suddenly without signaling are common examples of aggressive driving that can easily lead to liability for an accident.
  • Driving while distracted. California has strict laws in effect to discourage distracted driving. Using a cell phone or otherwise failing to pay attention to the road can lead to liability for a distracted driving accident, which also entails criminal penalties.
  • Vehicle maintenance issues. Drivers in California and throughout the US have a responsibility to ensure their vehicles are safe and compliant with all applicable regulations. If a vehicle owner fails to fix a maintenance issue such as a leak or broken signal light, it could cause serious injury. This mechanical fault could potentially cause an accident for which the driver is liable.

Any of these situations could implicate one or more drivers as liable for the accident. If you experienced any recent motor vehicle accident in the Huntington Beach area and believe another party is responsible, call our firm. It’s essential to consult an experienced Huntington Beach car accident lawyer to discuss your legal options.

How Can an Attorney Help?

When another driver has caused an accident with your vehicle due to a failure to exercise reasonable care on the road, an attorney can help you determine the best legal path to securing compensation for your losses. It’s not uncommon for vehicle accidents to result in significant injuries, which in turn lead to substantial economic losses. Prompt legal action is essential for avoiding serious financial problems a traffic accident can cause.

A Huntington Beach car accident attorney can be a tremendous asset, especially when liability for a recent accident is unclear. Your lawyer can assist you in securing physical evidence from the scene of the accident, eyewitness testimony, and input from expert witnesses to establish liability for your damages and win your civil case.

At Easton & Easton, our legal team has successfully handled many different motor vehicle accident claims for our Huntington Beach clients. We put our experience to good use in your case. We will review the circumstances of your recent accident and help you determine which party or parties bear liability for your damages. Contact Easton & Easton today to schedule a free case evaluation from an experienced Huntington Beach car accident lawyer and learn more about how our firm can assist you.