How Can Riders Avoid Fatal Motorcycle Accidents in California?

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People in Orange County who enjoy riding motorcycles probably don’t enjoy thinking about, let alone discussing the possibility of an accident. But, motorcycle accidents can happen for a wide variety of reasons, from poor road conditions that cause the motorcyclist to lose control, to a negligent driver who causes a terrifying collision. Thus, although it may not be a popular topic, riders should think about the possibility of accidents.

The most important reason that motorcyclists should think about accidents is, of course, so that they can try to prevent them. So what can riders do to avoid accidents, especially fatal ones?

While motorcycle maintenance is important, some riders place too much emphasis on the role that it plays in preventing accidents. For example, motorcycle failure accounts for a very small percentage of the accidents that lead to serious injuries. Thus, riders need to do more than just ensure that their motorcycles are in tip-top shape.

Drivers in other vehicles often fail to see a motorcycle, which leads to accidents. Accordingly, riders should try to minimize this problem by doing their best to avoid riding in another vehicle’s blind spots. Also, motorcyclists should always be aware of the vehicles around them and try to keep tabs on the other drivers’ actions.

Because much of the rider’s body is exposed when riding a motorcycle, bikers should wear protective gear to help avoid road rash, broken bones and other injuries. Wearing a helmet is not only the law in California, but it is a vital component of motorcycle safety. Head injury is the culprit behind most motorcycle accidents that result in death, but a helmet can reduce the severity of head injuries and save the rider’s life.

Another piece of common sense advice is for motorcyclists is to abstain from drinking alcohol before riding. A large percentage of fatal accidents involve alcohol; motorcycles require too much focus and skill for riders to take a chance that even a small amount of alcohol will affect their riding. Likewise, experience is an important factor in avoiding accidents. Riders with more experience will better understand how to anticipate and avoid problems. Thus, inexperienced riders should not put themselves in difficult and dangerous riding environments that are beyond their experience levels.

Orange County can be a great place to ride a motorcycle. But riders and drivers in other vehicles should always put safety first.

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