Head-on collision with semi-truck takes one life near Fresno

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The sudden loss of a loved one can be absolutely devastating and a huge shock for friends and family. The first question many people ask is, why did this happen? California authorities are trying to answer that question after a motor-vehicle collided with a semi-truck, head-on. Some details have emerged as to what happened that day.

The truck accident occurred just before noon on California’s Highway 59, near the intersection of Grant Street. It appears that a family was traveling in an SUV, all in total, 5 passengers were in the vehicle when one of the vehicles traveled over the center lane. This caused the semi-truck and the vehicle to collide. It isn’t clear at this point which vehicle crossed-over the center line, or why.

The male driver was killed while the woman and three children suffered mild to moderate injuries. The semi-truck driver was unharmed in the crash. Investigators believe that weather conditions may have been a contributing factor in the fatal truck accident. Hail was reported to have been falling in the area around the time of the accident.

Investigators will continue to dig-in to determine other details and evidence that may shed light on the cause for the accident. If it is found that the semi-truck crossed over the center line, the driver, truck company or related third party could be found negligent for the driver’s death. Wrongful death suits are often brought in situations such as this, in which a family has suffered losses due to another’s negligence. As the investigation continues to unfold, the family can hopefully get some closure as to what happened that day.

Source: abc30.com, “One dead after head on crash with semi truck near Merced,” March 5, 2017

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