Head-on collision takes motorcyclist’s life on Palomar Mountain

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Because motorcyclists face a significantly higher risk of injury in the event of a collision, drivers of cars and trucks should always keep an eye out for bikes, especially during the spring and summer months when motorcycle traffic is increased. The curvy roads on California’s mountains may be especially hazardous, as was the case recently on Palomar Mountain in San Diego County.

Police are still investigating the crash that took a motorcyclist’s life. The bike reportedly collided head-on with a car as the vehicles traveled on one of Palomar Mountain’s twisting roads. According to a news report, the crash happened just after noon on June 1 near the Oak Knoll Campground.

Someone called the California Highway Patrol and reported that the rider had fallen off the side of the road. According to a Cal Fire battalion chief, the motorcyclist died at the scene.

The car occupants, a man and a woman, reportedly came away without injuries.

Switchbacks are common on California mountains, and these and other road hazards too often factor into fatal accidents. Of course, drivers and motorcyclists can exercise due caution by remaining in the correct lane and following the speed limit, but sometimes even these precautions are not enough to prevent a crash.

If negligence has played a part in a fatal motorcycle accident, then the family of the victim may need to speak to an attorney about gathering evidence and correcting any possible mistakes on the police report. Mistakes do happen in these cases, and it is important to clarify matters before bringing a personal injury lawsuit or a claim of wrongful death.

Source: KGTV, “Motorcyclist killed in head-on crash on Palomar Mountain,” June 1, 2014

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