Four ways to stay safe on a bicycle in California

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In the warm California weather, a bicycle can be the perfect way for people to stay in shape. Not only do bikes help people stay active, they can also be an easy and cost efficient way to get around town. However, bicycling does not come without risks. Bicycles have to share the road with larger vehicles and offer very little protection to riders. Many times, drivers fail to respect bicyclists’ right to be on the road. Aggressive and distracted drivers can cause serious bicycle accidents. These accidents can lead to serious injuries and fatalities for bike accident victims.

In fact, the California Department of Motor Vehicles claims that thousands of people are injured each year as they ride their bikes. And sadly, more than 100 people are killed each year in bike accidents.

While bicycle accidents can still happen, there are ways for bicyclists to take safety into their own hands. By following four safety tips, bicyclists can protect themselves from suffering injuries in an accident. One tip is to wear a helmet to protect one’s brain in case of an accident. The helmet needs to fit properly and be worn according to manufacturer’s directions.

Second, people can maintain control over their bike. They do this by avoiding biking under the influence, and ensuring that they have the right size and type of bike for their situation.

Third, people can protect themselves by riding with traffic. By riding in the same direction as traffic, people can make themselves more visible to drivers. This will also give people the opportunity to spot hazards — like parked vehicles, potholes and other unsafe conditions — that might be ahead of them.

Finally, bicyclists need to be visible to stay safe. To do this, people can use the right reflectors and lights on their bike. They can also use hand signals to let cars know where they are going, wear brightly colored clothing and they need to follow all traffic rules.

Unfortunately, even the safest of bicyclists can find themselves severely injured in an accident caused by a careless driver. In the direst of circumstances, a bicyclist could die after being hit by an automobile. That is why it is important for bicyclists — or their families in the event of a death — to protect their rights after an accident, including the right to seek legal compensation.

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