Four dead in wrong-way crash

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As any resident in California can attest, traffic can get very heavy and frustrating. And while the roads are busy during morning and evening rush hour commutes, the roads stay occupied throughout the late night hours. Whether it is coming home from a late night shift, a night out or because one drives for a living, motorist are on the roads for a wide range of reasons.

Unfortunately, some drivers drive negligently, recklessly and under the influence of alcohol, leading to severe and fatal collisions.

According to recent reports, a fatal head-on collision occurred in Strathmore. The California Highway Patrol reported that a woman driving a SUV was traveling the wrong way on Highway 65 at around 2 a.m. This resulted in her collided with two motorcycles head-on.

Both motorcycles were traveling with two people on them, and all four victims were killed in the crash. The 24-year-old driver of the SUV was injured in the crash. Initial investigation of the accident suggests that the driver was under the influence of alcohol. She was charged with driving under the influence. It is not clear if she is facing any other charges at this time.

Losing a loved one in a sudden and tragic motor vehicle accident is a difficult event to overcome. It is not only emotionally painful to cope with this loss, but it is also an event that results in substantial financial losses as well. This can be overwhelming for surviving family members; thus, it is important to explore legal recourses, such as a wrongful death action. This civil suit could help hold a negligent driver accountable and assist with the recovery of compensation.


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