Dealing with a personal injury claim can be stressful, intimidating, and even somewhat embarrassing, depending on the situation. You are fighting for compensatory damages after a situation that was out of your control and led to this case. When deciding on which law firm to hire, there are a number of questions you will want to ask them. It is important to know the dos and don’ts of hiring a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas before you hire one.

Dos and Don'ts of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas

Questions You Will Want to Ask a Prospective Lawyer

The right lawyer can make or break your case. When hiring a personal injury lawyer, you should consider a number of important factors. Deciding not to hire them is not always a reflection of their skill. You want somebody who is going to be a good match for you and your case while also being tenacious enough to intimidate the opposition. Here are some questions that you might want to ask prospective personal injury lawyers:

What Is Your Success Rate?

In every personal injury case, one of the most important factors to consider when hiring a lawyer is their success rate. You want them to have a record of highly favorable settlement amounts and successful verdicts in their favor. Someone who frequently fails to win over a jury or intimidate insurance companies into settling higher is not going to be much help to you.

What Is Your Overall Experience?

It is important to hire someone who has a great deal of experience in the kind of case you are hiring them to handle. Personal injury cases are common, and a good lawyer has plenty of experience handling that kind of legal matter. You want an attorney who has focused on your legal area of need, as that can be an advantage during settlement arguments or a trial. Ask if they could provide references to past clients who would be willing to discuss how their cases went.

Who Will Be Working on My Case?

If you are going with a larger firm, there is a chance that the lawyer on the billboard or the commercial may not actually be the one handling your case. They may employ their staff, such as paralegals or junior associates, to take over the bulk of the work for your case. Before deciding, take the opportunity to meet the lawyer’s team and learn who you may be working with most of the time. It is important to have consistency in a case.

When Do We Get Started?

A good, experienced lawyer wants to get started on your case as quickly as possible. If their workload is too heavy and they cannot prioritize you and your case, it might be better to seek representation elsewhere. In a personal injury case, timing can be crucial. You will want to start gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses and/or experts as soon as you can. The longer you wait to get started, the weaker your claim can get.

How Will I Be Charged?

It is very important that you understand how the legal fees will be paid. Most personal injury lawyers take cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that they are only paid if they win your case. If they lose, you don’t pay them anything. Other lawyers charge hourly fees. You need them to tell you exactly how they intend to charge you and when. Get it in writing before deciding to hire them.


Q: What Is the Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury in Las Vegas?

A: The statute of limitations for personal injury claims in Las Vegas is two years, as per Nevada state law. You have two years from the date of the initial injury to file a personal injury claim and pursue compensatory damages. If the victim in question dies during that two-year period and the claim changes from personal injury to wrongful death, then you have two years from the victim’s death to file a new claim.

Q: Can You Sue for Pain and Suffering in Nevada?

A: Yes, you can sue for pain and suffering in Nevada. If you are pursuing a personal injury claim, you can seek additional damages for non-economic losses, such as pain and suffering or emotional distress. Pain and suffering damages are often calculated by taking into account the total economic losses, such as medical bills and lost wages, and multiplying them by a number between 1 and 5, depending on the severity of your injuries and emotional anguish.

Q: How Much Can You Sue for Emotional Distress in Nevada?

A: Under Nevada state law, there is no maximum cap on how much you can sue for emotional distress in a personal injury case. A jury will decide the amount that you will be awarded in emotional distress, and the only real caveat is that they must decide on an amount deemed “fair and reasonable” in light of all the facts of the case. Claims for emotional distress can be brought by a victim of the accident, a witness, or a close family member.

Q: What Is the Cap on Pain and Suffering in Nevada?

A: Generally, there is no maximum cap on how much you can seek in pain and suffering under Nevada state law. The only real exception is in medical malpractice cases; in those cases, the maximum cap on pain and suffering is around $350,000. Otherwise, it is up to a jury to decide how much to award a plaintiff in pain and suffering, with the only stipulation being that the amount has to be considered “fair and reasonable” in regard to the facts of the case.

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