Death from defective products is not a myth

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People in Orange County need not look any further than their family car to find an example of a potentially dangerous everyday product. Of course, not all motor vehicles are fraught with unknown and unnecessarily dangerous flaws. Rather, automobile manufacturers continue to make strides when it comes to vehicle safety. However, just one manufacturing or design defect can have a big impact on the vehicle’s overall safety.

Motor vehicles are not the only common consumer products that can injure or kill people. Just about any product that a person uses, from daily medication to children’s toys, can be susceptible to dangerous design or manufacturing problems. Moreover, even a well-constructed and designed product can be dangerous if it has risks that are not covered in the product’s warnings and instructions for use.

For decades, Easton and Easton has been representing injured victims in product liability cases. Our firm’s website includes information about product liability under California law, and how we approach these kinds of cases. When a person suffers an injury from a consumer product, we know how to collect essential evidence that can help to move a product liability case forward. We treat every client’s claim with the full attention that it requires.

Nobody should have to suffer injury or the loss of a loved one because of a dangerous product. All too often, however, injury or death from defective products is a horrible reality. We leverage our years of experience in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits to aggressively advocate for our injured clients. Our website gives some background information about our firm’s attention to detail and vigor when it comes to handling product liability cases.

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