Beware of truck accidents during the holiday season

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The holiday season is officially under way, which means that many people in Orange County will be attending parties and other functions throughout the next few weeks. Some people might have concerns that this time of year can be more dangerous for driving because parties related to the holidays can lead to drunk driving incidents. While this may be true, the holidays can also mean greater potential for fatal truck accidents.

In addition to the normal flow of semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles that travel in California during every other time of the year, the holiday season can mean more delivery trucks on the highways. Not only does this mean more trucks on the road, but in some cases, companies may have to resort to using temporary drivers who have less experience than full-time truck drivers.

Nothing could be worse than having to suffer through the loss of a loved one during the holidays. When that loss comes unexpectedly due to a fatal motor vehicle accident, the surviving family members can feel shocked and unsure how to move forward.

The attorneys at Easton and Easton have experience representing the legal rights of people in this situation. Our firm has helped hold negligent parties, like truck drivers or trucking companies, legally accountable for their actions. Our firm’s website has more information about personal injury topics including truck accidents.

No legal filing can ever repair the damage that is caused by losing a loved one in a fatal accident. This is true regardless of the time of year that the accident occurs. But, the surviving family can pursue damages like funeral expenses that resulted from someone else’s negligence. In addition to compensation, a legal case can also help the family get some measure of closure. The holidays can be a fun time of the year, but everyone on the roads, including commercial truck drivers, should do their part to prevent serious and even deadly accidents.

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