Should a car accident claim be settled?

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Litigation following a personal injury event like a California car accident can take a long time to resolve. After a person has recovered from their accident-related harm enough to speak with an attorney and file their lawsuit, they must abide by the notice periods set by the state before their case may move forward. Litigation is an excellent path for many individuals who wish to be made whole after becoming car accident victims, but some individuals choose to settle their claims instead of going to court.

settlement is effectively an agreement between the parties involved in an accident. A person who causes an accident and therefore inflicts harm on their victim may offer to settle the victim’s claims to get out from under the liability they hold. They may offer their victim a sum of money in order to avoid litigation, and in exchange the victim must release their right to sue the other party on their claims in the future.

A settlement may provide a victim with compensation faster than litigation, but a settlement may not always be in a victim’s best interests. For victims who incur significant medical costs because of their injuries, a settlement may not be enough to even get them back on their feet. Individuals should discuss their settlement options with their attorneys before entering such agreements. By doing so, they can obtain a full assessment of the strength of their case and their likelihood of succeeding at trial, thereby allowing them to conduct an appropriate analysis as to the appropriateness of accepting a settlement offer.

Different car accident claims can resolve in different ways. A settlement may be an option for some but not helpful for others. As with all posts on this blog, readers should not use the contents of this blog as legal advice. This post provides information only. Those interested in learning more about how to pursue a legal claim can reach out to an attorney of their choosing, if they so desire.

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