Would settling your claim better serve your interests?

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The first thing your mind registered was that the scenery suddenly looked different. Perhaps the next thing was the sound of crunching metal and the smells of antifreeze, gasoline and electrical components. By the time you realized you were just in an accident, it was over. An investigation into the crash indicates that the other driver caused it.

The insurance company may have already contacted you to offer you a settlement, but you aren’t quite sure whether you should take it. More than likely, the offered settlement is less than the real value of your case. You may consider filing a personal injury claim but wonder if settling would better serve your interests. In order to preserve your right to file a claim in a California civil court, you might choose to file a lawsuit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to negotiate a settlement. Before taking any of these actions, and before you talk to the insurance company, it’s a good idea to consult with an attorney.

Pursuing a settlement

It’s important to know that, if you accept a settlement offer, you will give up your right to continue or initiate a lawsuit. Even so, depending on the specific facts of your case, it may be better to take a settlement, although you should talk to an attorney before doing so. The benefits of settling outside of court include avoiding the expense and time of litigation. This is just one reason why many personal injury claims settle without going to trial.

However, if the insurance company refuses to cooperate and refuses to pay out what you are owed for medical costs and other damages, litigation may be the best way to seek the full and fair compensation you need.

While you focus on healing, a personal injury lawyer can handle all negotiations with the insurance company and fight to maximize your compensation.

Finding support

The settlement process may not sound difficult, but determining how much your claim is actually worth can be challenging, if not impossible, without the help of a lawyer. Furthermore, the insurance company has attorneys and adjusters on its side attempting to find ways not to pay you the full amount you deserve. It is wise to have an advocate by your side through this process to help ensure that you receive the compensation you need.

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